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Transform your operations through technology-enabled process improvement.

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Proven technology and robotics to optimise material flow control.


Modular and scalable with real-time data insights to drive continuous improvement.


Warehouse consultancy and support to keep your automation solutions optimised.

Your Warehouse Automation Partner

Ensure your investment in warehouse automation quickly generates a step change in productivity, efficiency and customer service.

We’ll deliver warehouse automation tailored to your needs by combining hardware, software and specialist consultancy and services within a unique Warehouse Optimisation Framework.

Whether it’s an individual function that needs improving…or an entire warehouse that needs automating…let us design, implement and maintain your solution.

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Your Warehouse Automation Partner

Breathe Technologies has enabled us to double the number of orders we fulfil…that’s a 200% increase in productivity gains. The solution has dramatically improved our ability to scale up our business rapidly.

David Bloomfield, Supply Chain Director, Ultimate Products

Warehouse Automation Systems

Transform your operations with tailored technology solutions

Selecting the right warehouse automation systems to transform your warehouse processes can be confusing and time consuming.

Our warehouse automation consultants will help you overcome your pain points and meet your ambitions by analysing your performance requirements, operational factors, risks and technology ecosystem to identify the best solutions.

As we’re independent and system agnostic, we can access a diverse range of systems and benefit from strong relationships with a broad range of industry-leading manufacturers and suppliers.

We’ll design, implement, configure and provide lifecycle support for your warehouse automation systems.

Our Warehouse Management Software and Warehouse Optimisation Framework will deliver seamless integration and drive continuous improvement.

Warehouse Packing Automation

Breathe Technologies Provides:

  • Best fit – We deliver warehouse automation systems spanning robotics, AGV, wearables, conveyors, sortation and much more and we integrate them in a way that brings together people and machines in the most efficient way
  • Tailored systems – Our warehouse consultancy, design capabilities and Warehouse Optimisation Framework ensure solutions optimise material flow control and are tailored to your precise needs
  • Insight – You can rely on our warehouse automation experts and consultative services to minimise implementation risk and accelerate time to value
  • Partnerships – Our relationships with best-of-breed equipment manufacturers provide economies of scale and significant service benefits

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Breathe Tech’s software solutions have helped us accurately process orders and returns for end consumers on our communication lines for Mobile Phones and TV broadband equipment. With our software support package, we have direct access to Breathe Tech’s software team, who solve tickets with minimal disruption to our operations.

Michal Zielinski, Systems Development Manager, GXO

Warehouse Management Software

Optimise your warehouse processes with digital tools and data

Legacy warehouse management systems (WMS) are often clunky and lack the speed and agility to manage warehouse automation capabilities.

It’s why we’ve developed our own next generation of specialist Warehouse Management Software that uses an intelligent optimisation engine to drive maximum performance from your systems and harness valuable data.

Our platform provides advanced warehouse execution software (WES) and warehouse control software (WCS) functionality.

It’s modular, so it can be used to automate and optimise single, multiple or cross-warehouse processes and is specially designed to extract more ROI from warehouse robotics and legacy warehouse automation systems.

Our software will fully integrate with your wider IT stack and can be used to plug capability gaps in your existing ERP or warehouse management system (WMS).

Warehouse ManagementSoftware WMS

Breathe Technologies’ Warehouse Management Software Provides:

  • Intelligent control – Continuously optimise processes by using AI to co-ordinate and control automation systems in real-time
  • Edge insights – Boost performance across the warehouse ecosystem by harnessing live data to improve responsiveness and generate valuable business intelligence
  • Modularity – Whatever warehouse function you are looking to optimise, we can deploy a solution to meet your needs with little or no disruption to your legacy systems
  • Flexibility – Use advanced APIs to integrate with any system or warehouse robotics and deploy the software in a manner that fits your operations (on-premise, in the cloud or hybrid)
  • Capabilities – Benefit from enterprise-class security and a roadmap delivering new functionality in machine learning, condition monitoring, compliance, scenario modelling and a range of other areas

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Breathe Technologies’ software has enabled us to treble the number of orders we can fulfil.

Terry Siddle, Director of Logistics & Distribution, Pets At Home

Warehouse Automation Consultative Services

Rely on our consultants and expertise throughout your warehouse automation journey

Having a strategic warehouse automation partner on board is key to your success.

We have an exceptional team of warehouse consultants, maintenance experts and technologists who use our unique Warehouse Optimisation Framework to ensure your solutions are always delivering maximum value.

Rest easy knowing that they are always available to give you exceptional levels of insight, expertise and support as you transform your warehouse processes and optimise material flow control.

Our passion, proactive approach and high levels of customer service make us the warehouse automation partner of choice for a diverse range of businesses.

Warehouse automation services

Breathe Technologies’ Consultative Warehouse Automation Services Include:

  • System design and optimisation – Our warehouse consultants and process improvement experts will create systems tailored to your precise requirements and use data analytics to ensure they remain responsive and optimised
  • Systems implementation – Getting systems installed and configured quickly and without disruption is handled by our highly experienced team of project managers and engineers
  • Software support – Our software team will configure and integrate our next generation software with your systems, ERP or warehouse management system (WMS) and provide ongoing training and support so you can realise its full potential
  • Hardware service and maintenance – To maximise system availability we provide proactive mechanical and electrical support including preventative maintenance, regular servicing, remote assistance and breakdown callouts

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Breathe Technologies have proved to be partners in service delivery working with a number of different parties and continuing to help us refine the system and realise its full potential.

Anthony Leach, Head of Logistics, DHL Supply Chain

The Benefits Of Our Warehouse Automation Solutions


Generate triple digit improvements

Transform the speed and accuracy of processes to unlock dramatic performance improvement


Save 40% on operating costs

Reduce repetitive manual processes, error rates and eliminate waste


More products in the same footprint

Handle growing SKUs and demand without taking on more staff or warehouse space


Relieve operational pressures

Better manage the complexities created by high volumes, seasonality, omni-channel sales, multiple carrier use, returns and tough SLAs

Return On Investment

Accelerate time to value

Achieve payback in short order and continue generating exponential benefits as your business grows


Adapt to change

Effectively integrate with, and extract value from, existing systems and ensure your warehouse automation solutions respond to changing requirements


Continuous improvement

Use data insights to identify opportunities for further optimisation of warehouse processes


Forward-thinking solutions

Bring people technology together to create lean, efficient and considered solutions designed with ESG strategies and employees in mind

This fully automated picking and packing solution for Pets at Home’s Northampton distribution centre increased output to meet surging demand for pet products.

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Delivering an outbound warehouse automation solution for QVC that would keep pace with booming sales and provide real-time reporting.

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RangePlus demonstrates how we harmonise warehouse automation systems, software and services to unlock value and deliver transformative benefits for businesses of all sizes.

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Breathe Technologies’ automated solution meets the challenge of servicing customer orders within tight timescales across the range of delivery options that we now offer.

Anthony Leach, Head of Logistics, DHL Supply Chain