The Future is Now

At Breathe Technologies we leverage Innovative Automation, AI and Machine Learning to drive business improvements.

Our seamless integration of physical and digital automation solutions enhances efficiency, quality, and your competitive edge.


Boost productivity, cut costs, and streamline operations with a team that understand automation inside out.  We’re an independent specialist with a wide partner network able to recommend and integrate exactly what’s needed to make a difference including robotics and wearables.

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Breathe Technologies ‘Orquestr8’ software optimises standard processes by controlling and unifying multiple automation technologies. It delivers digital insights allowing you to reprioritise your workflows, deliver competitive customer service, and return on your investment.

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Innovative Design

Warehouse management is complex and challenging.  To thrive in this competitive arena, businesses must unleash the full potential of their warehouse operations. That’s remarkably simple with Breathe Technologies’ advanced warehouse hardware and software solutions.

Automation Intelligence

We are a leading provider of automated warehouse systems in the UK. We specialise in crafting, implementing and maintaining systems which precisely fit your needs. We have an in-depth understanding of all aspects of warehouse management, including the crucial areas of picking, packing and dispatch.

Connected Solutions

At Breathe Technologies, we believe that effective warehouse operations demand the seamless integration of diverse automated warehouse equipment. Ease of integration is a key feature of our cutting-edge technology and the reason why our solutions drive optimal efficiency and productivity.

Your goal might be to streamline operations, reduce costs or mitigate risks. In all cases, our automated warehouse systems deliver results.

Drive Business Improvements

Every customer is unique. Some need help with one aspect of their warehouse logistics. Others require comprehensive warehouse management systems (WMS) or fully automated solutions. That’s why our approach works so well. We have a highly experienced team and a diverse range of products and services. We’ll spend the time learning about both your current needs and your longer-term plans. We’ll discover what’s holding you back and how we can elevate your performance without disrupting your day-to-day operation.

Partnership and Collaboration

Our commitment extends far beyond installation. Ongoing support and maintenance ensure your systems consistently deliver outstanding performance. With Breathe at your side, your transition to a smarter warehouse will be both straightforward and successful.

Enhance your Competitive Edge

With Breathe Technologies’ expertise in automated warehousing systems, your warehouse can become an intelligent, responsive and high-performing hub of activity. The benefits of a fully automated warehouse, including increased throughput, enhanced accuracy and superior inventory management are ready to be seized.

The future is now. The vast potential of warehouse automation is waiting for you.

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Increase in sales capacity



Increase in operator output


Breathe Technologies: Excellence in Automation Since


At Breathe Technologies, we believe that innovative technology can deliver substantial cost savings and remarkable gains in efficiency. There’s no secret – all we do is create harmony between physical and digital warehouse automation.

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Automated Pet Medicine Despatch Solution


What our clients say

How do we do it? We unify your Physical & Digital Systems


Breathe Technologies support went above and beyond yet again

Andy Shuker

Warehouse Systems


Breathe Technologies are helping deliver automated warehouse solutions that are efficient, cost effective and scalable.

Shabbab Al-Ghamdi

– RangePlus


Breathe Technologies Software solution enabled us to treble the Amazon Vendor orders we fulfill!

David Bloomfield

Supply Chain Director


Breathes Software enabled us to treble the number of Pet Meds we fulfill at Northampton

Terry Siddle

Director of Logistics & Distribution
– Pets at Home


Orquestr8 is a very user friendly application and our operators were competent within hours!
Breathe Technologies delivered a solution bespoke to our requirements and we are fully recognising the benefits.

Lawrence Hart

Contract Development Manager
– Kuehne + Nagel


Breathe Technologies offers great project delivery.

Paul Jarman

Operations Manager
– Vantiva


Why is our solution so successful?

Fulfilment is a multifaceted process where a small error can have big consequences. At Breathe Technologies, we understand the intricacies involved. That’s why we've scrutinised and then simplified every aspect of the fulfilment process.


Scalable and Modular Technology

At Breathe Technologies, we've pioneered a modular and scalable approach to warehouse software solutions.


Automation Eco-system

We create warehouse systems that work, focusing on proven automation hardware, sourced from trusted partners who deliver exceptional results from day one.

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