We make smart simpler.

Breathe Technologies provides smart warehouse technology.

Our purpose is to help make the journey to achieving a smart warehouse simpler and enable clients to change, adapt and grow their companies with minimal friction. Whether it’s warehouse hardware, software, a complete system or maintenance, Breathe Technologies will provide a solution that fits in wherever our clients need it.

We help our clients to minimise risk, drive operational efficiencies, reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction levels. Our independent offer, extensive automation knowledge, proprietary software solutions, servicing expertise and maintenance care (coupled with our exclusive partnerships) enables Breathe Technologies to offer a unique one-stop service.

There are new challenges for supply chains and operations teams who need to turn to technology to gain that advantage.

David Carroll, CEO, Breathe Technologies Breathe Technologies

We’re customer centric.

We listen to what our customers want and need and then make them the right thing, the apposite thing, for their business right now. We’re always on their side and we’re always empathetic.

We’re innovative.

We love to innovate and do new things, but to ensure success we ensure our technology is accessible, originating from the ground up.

We’re efficient.

Our smart warehouses manifest efficiency. Our technology creates a frictionless environment, enabling growth today and tomorrow.

We make it happen.

We’re pro-enterprise, we make it happen. We challenge the market with technology that solves the problems that other companies leave hanging or ignore.

We’re eco-friendly.

We believe growth should come at minimal environmental cost. That goes for our technology too, which is built to be evolutionary, always landing softly, creating less heat and more light. We promise to work together for the good of our clients, our people and the planet.

Conveyor Networks Ltd was developed in 2009 with the aim to provide:

“Intelligent automation solutions”

With the install base we have delivered, this has been achieved. We’ve provided integrated automated solutions using traditional techniques in creative ways, making our clients more efficient and more productive. We’ve enhanced the customer experience for our customers and in turn, theirs.

Key highlights on our journey have been the strategic development of our software business imio Software solutions, our recruitment of talented graduates and our re-location to Sci-Tech Daresbury.

In 2021 we decided it was time to breathe new life into our brand. Breathe Technologies Ltd is a new name and brand identity, with the same people, same premises, but now with an enhanced offering.

Our software offering, imio will be incorporated as a ‘Product Suite’ with discretely named products within, Breathe Technologies Ltd.

Breathe “In” is designed to cater for the requirements of inbound processes, Breathe “Out” is designed to solve outbound operational requirements and Breathe “Easier” software is designed around WES and WMS requirements.

The app portfolio includes products like; Scan, Carry and Pack, which have proven irresistible when it comes to legacy system connectivity, providing immediate and significant increases in productivity.

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