Picking Optimisation – Walk 65% less and save 30% costs

Ryan Missen, Head of Solutions at Breathe Technologies evaluates the impact of optimising the picking function.

It makes sense to start with picking

In the current environment retailers face unpredictability and uncertainty driven by global and economic events and yet customer expectations are higher than ever, as are internal pressures to manage costs and efficiency.  It’s well known that optimising warehouse operations plays a crucial part in this by ensuring seamless, accurate order fulfilment – however, large capital outlay is often required and quick ROI isn’t always guaranteed.

Picking is hugely influential in the warehouse, a fast accurate picking function will also impact packing and despatch so it’s a logical place to start.  In terms of automating your picking function, physical equipment such as follow me style  robots are often a start point, or if budget allows, automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS).

However, the latest intelligent software changes all of the above.

Unveiling pick optimisation

Orquestr8 pick optimisation is a cutting-edge software solution from Breathe Technologies designed to enhance the efficiency of order picking and streamline the entire packing and despatch process. Compatible with handheld and wearable devices such as Zebra and Proglove, this software analyses the warehouse layout, item locations, and the order list to determine the most efficient order allocation and route for picking goods.

Excitingly, it’s been adopted by one of the world’s largest premium beauty companies to support their UK picking and outbound operations.

Beyond traditional automation

While follow me style robots have been a popular choice for warehouse automation and deliver up to 25% productivity improvements, Orquestr8 pick optimisation offers an alternative for organisations without the large capital outlay. Typically, follow me robots provide a 20-25% improvement in productivity, but Pick Optimisation surpasses this with a remarkable  65% reduction in walking time and a 25% productivity uplift.

Applying pick optimisation

Seamless integration and real-time visibility

One of the key advantages of Pick Optimisation is its seamless integration with Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) and other host IT systems. This ensures minimal disruption and cost to existing IT infrastructure while providing complete real-time visibility into warehouse operations.

Cost-effective implementation

Breathe Technologies can support you with a Conventional Capital or a subscription model, allowing businesses to enjoy the benefits of Pick Optimisation without a hefty upfront capital outlay. The fast return on investment (ROI) makes it an attractive proposition for retailers looking to enhance their order fulfilment processes with in-year budget savings.

Risk reduction

Beyond the tangible productivity gains, Pick Optimisation plays a pivotal role in improving customer service. It goes a long way to derisking manual processes through reduced error rates, faster order processing, and efficient despatch. Customers receive the right products promptly, contributing to enhanced customer satisfaction and faster revenue realisation.

Widening choices for warehouse automation

Breathe Technologies’ Pick Optimisation has been developed using our considerable expertise in warehouse automation and integration and ultimately offers retailers a wider choice in how they optimise their outbound operation.

Pick optimisation delivers:

  • Less time spent walking between pick faces
  • Improved user interaction at pick locations reducing the time required to scan and log a pick
  • Minimal training for new users with its simple processes and clear user interface
  • Integration with picking automation such as AMRs & AGVs
  • Integration with handhelds and wearables

Pick optimisation from Breathe Technologies is a game-changer for retailers seeking a budget-friendly yet highly effective solution to optimise their warehouse operations. By combining the power of AI with seamless integration and real-time visibility, this software propels businesses towards greater productivity, reduced costs, and ultimately, heightened customer satisfaction.