When you want more throughput the obvious answer is…. more heads???

Orquestr8 PICK is the difference.

Our AI driven pick optimisation platform allows you to increase throughput and productivity massively, all while reducing the cost of your warehouse operation.


  • Slashes walk distance
  • Improves user interaction at pick locations
  • Aids slotting helping maximise space and efficiency
  • Integrates with your existing warehouse management and ERP system
  • Our clients need more throughput and a highly efficient, cost-effective operation. That’s what we’ll deliver.

Even better, typical deployment is 12 to 24 weeks


Hit your targets …

Set ambitious service targets and know that you’re equipped to deliver. Our software and smart-tech solutions work together to boost pick efficiency and accuracy, enabling swift order turnaround.


Build a happy team …

Avoid the hassle and expense of staff churn by creating the right kind of employee experience. Make it easy to get the picking right with the latest connected devices and cut the walk distance by up to 50 per cent.


Cut your costs …

Increase space utilisation and productivity. Smooth workflows and monitor performance – all while handling the challenges of multi-zone sites, multi-direction picking and the inevitable busy aisle.

Imagine a warehouse where workloads and labour resources are easily matched…

Use PICK with handheld or wearable smart devices and access all the info you need, when and where you need it.

Save time and energy with optimised pick routes that are easy to follow, responsive and adaptable according to role.

Real-time data is always available. Monitor performance as it happens and act swiftly when service may be compromised.

Prove your capability when customer demands change. Secure your market share and those economies of scale.

Nurture a skilled and committed in-house team, proud of their ability to fulfil orders and manage their workload.

Maximise your order fulfilment and avoid the cost and reputational damage of poor service and pick errors.


Breathe Technologies has enabled us to double the number of Amazon vendor orders we fulfil; that’s a 200% increase in productivity gains. The technology has dramatically improved our ability to scale up that side of our business rapidly.

David Bloomfield

Supply Chain Director
– Ultimate Products


Breathe Technologies continue to provide us with innovative solutions that apply the latest technologies and best practice to our current installation. Working closely together has ensured that both teams are always well-informed about our upcoming plans, instilling a constant sense of confidence in QVC UKs ability to meet the demands of fulfilling customer orders accurately and swiftly.

Andy Shuker

Resource and Production Planning Manager


Breathe Technologies offers great project delivery.

Paul Jarman

Operations Manager
Technicolor Distribution Services

Let’s talk …

Over and again in client feedback, we hear that our approach was both surprising and welcome. We don’t impose. We don’t make assumptions, and there’s never any pressure. Instead, we learn about your operation and your goals, and then we work with you to achieve the results you seek. It starts when you get in touch.

Step 1

Get in touch

Our team is friendly and approachable. Tell us about your operation, your picking issues and what you’d like to improve.

Step 2

We’ll talk

You’ll begin to discover the way our pick optimisation solutions will enhance your productivity and boost your service stats.

Step 3

We’ll make plans

We’ll develop a fully agreed and costed plan to transform your picking process and take your operation to the next level.

Want to know more about what makes us tick? Call us: 01925 742888.

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