Are you inspiring consumer loyalty?

Majority of consumers have increased the amount they buy online since start of pandemic and as they become more sophisticated online buyers, learn more about how these changing demands are shaping the future of warehouse and logistics in our latest whitepaper:

  • 82% are intending to spend the same or more online
  • Paying for returns is a deal breaker – 91% consider companies returns policies before buying
  • The biggest frustrations reported by consumers with buying products online were long delivery times (50%), paying for returns (42%), and limited stock availability (38%).
  • Sustainability is key – retailers need to walk the talk

Read this whitepaper to maximise your warehousing and logistics operations so that you survive and thrive in the future.


of customers buy only from a select number of online retailers

With greater efficiencies required to meet soaring consumer expectations around orders, deliveries and returns, making sure you are one of the select retailers that customers choose to buy from is key. To do this retailers must inspire customer loyalty.

We interviewed 1,500 consumers who told us their most common pain points of the online shopping process and some of the results are startling.

In our latest whitepaper we will cover:

  • What to expect from growing customer expectations as their spending habits change
  • How your warehouse and logistics functions will help drive loyalty
  • Where can you maximise your digital and physical automation to be more agile and flexible to scale with this increase in demand

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