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End-To-End Automation Of Warehouse Processes

From greenfield sites to re-fits and upgrades…we can help

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You’ll want an experienced strategic partner to help you introduce or upgrade automation systems on a warehouse-wide basis.

We are specialists with the systems, software and services to ensure you seamlessly integrate automation technology across your warehouse functions.

Use our insight, experience and proven Warehouse Optimisation Framework to design, implement, configure and maintain a full warehouse automation solution that delivers transformative benefits.

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Breathe Technologies’ software has enabled us to treble the number of orders we can fulfil.

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To create the most effective whole warehouse automation system possible, you’ll need to apply best- of-breed technology to each function and process.

As a leading independent warehouse automation specialist, we’re systems agnostic and can provide access to a diverse range of automation equipment and robotics.

We have strong relationships with a broad set of suppliers, so we can design systems tailored to your specific needs and provide additional economies of scale and service benefits.

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Powerful digital tools are essential to unlock the full potential of your whole-warehouse physical automation systems.

Our next generation Warehouse Management Software uses an intelligent optimisation engine to maximise automation performance and harness valuable data from across your processes.

It provides comprehensive warehouse execution software (WES) and warehouse control software (WCS) functionality.

With high levels of interoperability, it will integrate with your wider IT stack and can be used to plug capability gaps in your existing WMS or ERP.

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Breathe Technologies’ automated solution meets the challenge of servicing customer orders within tight timescales across the range of delivery options that we now offer.

Anthony Leach, Head of Logistics, DHL Supply Chain
Warehouse automation services

You can rely on our team of highly experienced warehouse consultants and process improvement experts to create a tailored whole-warehouse solution.

They’ll analyse your performance requirements, operational factors and technology ecosystem to design the best systems and software solutions for your business.

Our considered and flexible approach will ensure you bring together people and machines together in the most efficient way, accelerate time-to-value and benefit from a programme of continuous improvement.

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Process-Wide Automation

Solutions for Goods-In, Putaway & Storage, Picking, Packing and Despatch

Process-Wide Automation

To achieve optimal warehouse performance there are five key processes which need to be improved through automation.

We deliver full-warehouse solutions that span these and ensure your functions are fully optimised and responsive to change.

trucks are loaded in a modern logistics center..

We’ll ensure this first crucial process is transformed using a wide range of warehouse automation systems.

  • Vehicle Unloading (containers, cases, pallets or loose loads)
  • Telescopic and Flexi Conveyors
  • DWS (Dimension-Weight-Scan)
  • Data Capture
  • Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) and Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR)
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We’ll deliver customised warehouse automation systems that provide frictionless transport, the optimal use of space, best placement for retrieval and accurate documentation.

  • De-Palletisers
  • Mini-Load Cranes
  • Racking, Shelving and Storage Carousels (mezzanine, multi-level, horizontal and vertical)
  • ASRS (Automatic Storage and Retrieval)
  • Material Handling Conveyors
  • Robot Stacker Cranes
  • Robot Shuttles & 3D systems
  • Robotic Layer Pickers
  • Movable Racking
  • Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs)
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We’ll provide flexible, high-performance goods-to-person (GTP) and person to goods (PTG) automated order picking systems that deliver transformative ROI.

  • Order or Batch Pick
  • Voice Activated, Pick and Put to Light
  • Wearables, Scanning and ID
  • Autonomous Mobile Robots
  • Robotic Sorting
  • AS/RS
  • 3D Shuttles
  • Order Picking Cobots
  • Gantry Cranes
  • Robotic Item and Case Pick
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Whether fully or semi-automated, our experts will help you harness the best warehouse packing automation systems to increase your productivity, boost throughput and meet customers’ exacting demands.

  • Ergonomically Designed Warehouse Packing Stations
  • Carton Erection and Closure
  • Print and Apply Labelling
  • Document Handling
  • Palletising
  • Tote Stackers
  • Shrink Wrappers
  • Put Walls
  • Robot Auto Tote Stackers
  • Cobot Palletisers and Packers
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Our experts will design the best warehouse automaton systems to give you frictionless sorting, consolidation, checking and loading of orders.

  • Warehouse Sorting (Flat, Cross Belt and Pocket)
  • Consolidation (Pallets, Cages and Dollies)
  • Telescopic and Flexi Conveyors
  • Vehicle Loading (containers, cases, pallets or loose loads)
  • Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) and Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR)
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Breathe Technologies have proved to be partners in service delivery working with a number of different parties and continuing to help us refine the system and realise its full potential.

Anthony Leach, Head of Logistics, DHL Supply Chain

Warehouse Automation Consultative Services

Expert support throughout your automation journey

You’ll need to ensure your investment in warehouse automation systems is fully realised and protected.

Our warehouse consultants and experts will support you throughout your systems’ lifecycle, using our insight, engineering and software expertise to maintain uptime and continuously improve performance.

We Provide A Range Of Specialist Consultative Services Spanning:

  • System and Process Design and Optimisation
  • Solution Implementation and Project Management
  • Software Support and Custom Development
  • Engineering and Servicing

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Warehouse Management Software

Physical warehouse automation systems cannot deliver their full potential without advanced warehouse execution software (WES) and warehouse control software (WCS) functionality.

Our next generation modular Warehouse Management Software has an intelligent optimisation engine that uses AI algorithms to drive real-time performance and harness valuable data.

It features:

  • Process-specific modules and functionality
  • APIs to integrate with any system, ERP or WMS
  • Simple, effective user interfaces and visualisation tools
  • Edge data analytics and business intelligence tools
  • Flexible deployment options (on-premise, in the cloud or hybrid)
  • Enterprise-grade security and support