Vehicle Loading

Significantly reduce cycle times per trailer with automated trailer loading and unloading. As an official UK distributor for Ancra Systems, Breathe Technologies can offer truck loading conveyors and automated solutions that will significantly increase your operational efficiency.

Automatic truck (un)loading systems, also known as ATLS, move product via effective solutions that will meet your logistic requirements, streamline trailer loading and unloading processes and eliminate wastage (time, resources, and labour).

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  • Load/Unload in just a few minutes
  • Lowering labour costs
  • Optimise the turnaround time to reduce the trailer fleet
  • No damage and less handling
  • Extreme quick Return On Investment 6 to 24 months
  • Possibility for Just In Time and Just In Sequence deliveries
  • Improve health & safety conditions for employees/truck drivers
  • Optimised usage of warehouse space (fewer docks for the same volume)
  • Applicable in conditioned working environments (freezing, hot, etc)

Ancra’s chain conveyor systems offer loading and unloading for palletised freight, by using either four or six electrically driven chain conveyors to move the pallets. This automatic loading and transport system is ideally suited for pallets with standard dimensions. The system has various options such as contour control, on-board skates, or a positioning system for docking the truck. In addition, the system can also be supplied in the slip-chain version by adding roller conveyors. Read more about Ancra here.

The Skateloader has been developed for automatic loading of standard trailers. No modifications to trailers are required, which ensures standard pallets can be loaded in one movement. This solution is mainly for outbound transport. The complete cycle takes approximately 6-8 minutes (depending on the necessary adjustments in height and alignment). Find out more about the Ancra Skateloader here.

Streamline your warehouse processes with our picking technologies.

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From rescuing obsolescent warehouse control systems and retrofitting legacy systems to the latest warehouse controls software, Breathe Technologies can optimise the automation performance in most systems.