Autonomous Vehicles

Adoption of robotic solutions is growing at a rapid pace. The opportunity for autonomous vehicles (AV) to play a key role within factories and warehouses is vast. Working alongside our strategic partners we are able to deliver the most effective robotic solutions to meet your fulfilment challenges. From efficient transportation of goods to the sophisticated technology, which can manoeuver potential hazards, the mobility of AVs is limitless.

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Businesses like Geek+ are leading the way designing autonomous mobile robotics that are highly flexible and easy-to-use. As a UK distributor for Geek+ solutions, the benefits of fast improvement on warehouse efficiency and order fulfilment accuracy are significant for customers we work with.

Picking AMRs

Geek+ picking systems boost efficiency improvement by 200%+. Offering both performance and reliability, its picking robotics are high speed and precise, compact and heavy duty.

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Robotic Sorting

Robotic sorting systems from our partner Geek+ are suitable for goods and parcel sorting, applicable to retail, apparel, pharmaceutical, FMCG, postal delivery and other industries.

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Breathe Technologies is a Certified Partner of Cimcorp’s robotics solutions for the warehouse & distribution sector. Solutions are designed to meet the current demands of distribution including; shorter lead times, SKU proliferation and challenging seasonal peaks amid labour shortages. Cimcorp’s picking systems can handle a large variety of plastic crates, trays, totes, dollies, kegs and corrugated cases.

3D Shuttle

The 3D Shuttle technology will make your picking operations up to six times more efficient than a manual solution. It has the ability to retrieve up to 1,000 totes per hour from a storage area.

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Cimcorp MultiPick®

Cimcorp MultiPick® is designed for automated storage and order picking of products in plastic crates and trays.

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We are excited to have formed this partnership with the Breathe Technologies team. They have excellent connections and experience in the food and beverage sector, as well as in e-commerce – both key markets for our solutions. Our robotic systems are ideal for automating the order picking process for grocery retailers.

Kai Tuomisaari, Vice President, Sales at Cimcorp

As a Prime Partner to the Swisslog Technology Centre, we offer flexible materials handling solutions incorporating robotic technology from Swisslog’s portfolio of autonomous vehicles.

Streamline your warehouse processes with our picking technologies.

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