Transport & Sorting

There are lots of moving parts to consider when transporting and sorting materials and products. Keep your warehouse or factory productive with our smart materials handling technologies. We offer a number of automation solutions that will help reduce bottlenecks, mitigate potential damage, increase accuracy and most importantly ensure customer loyalty.

Ensure a seamless connection between all aspects of your warehousing operations. Our range of conveying solutions are designed to transport a wide range of products.

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Remove the need for human intervention and improve the speed and efficiency of products moving within your warehouse, with our smart sortation solutions.

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Sort, count, measure and verify the size and shape of any product within a conveyor system easily and efficiently with automated scanning & weighing.

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Save money and time with reliable, highly-effective and efficient automatic trailer / container loading and unloading solutions.

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Transform your processes with autonomous warehouse and factory vehicles. Autonomous robotics offer a number of benefits including; costs advantages, flexibility and improved safety.

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Streamline your warehouse processes with our picking technologies.

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Deliver on your customer promise with accurate and efficient automated fulfilment solutions.

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Technical Expertise

From rescuing obsolescent warehouse control systems and retrofitting legacy systems to the latest warehouse controls software, Breathe Technologies can optimise the automation performance in most conveyor systems.