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Automated Putaway And Storage Systems

Automate your Putaway and Storage processes using tailored systems, powerful software and warehouse consultancy

Diverse Warehouse Automation Technology And Robotics

Automating your Putaway and Storage processes ensures you can significantly increase warehouse capacity and throughput.

As we are independent, Breathe Technologies can design, configure and maintain a wide range of Putaway and Storage solutions tailored to your warehouse layout and the inventory that needs to be stored, retrieved and replenished.

Whether it’s warehouse automation technology or robotics, we’ll optimise your systems using the Putaway and Storage Module of our Warehouse Management Software and provide full lifecycle support through a range of specialist services.

Automated Putaway and Storage Systems
  • Enable frictionless transport of items
  • Maximise the use of space


  • Optimise retrieval and replenishment
  • Ensure accurate documentation


De-Palletiser Logistics

Breathe Technologies will deliver De-palletiser systems that automate the process of unloading materials from pallets and help dramatically speed up your stock replenishment activities.

As well as reducing time and cost, these automated storage systems also protect your employees’ wellbeing by removing a repetitive, strenuous physical process.

There are a wide range of de-palletisers, but common systems Breathe Technologies design and implement, are:

  • Pick and place de-palletisers These automate the removal of items from a pallet using grippers and an axis control system
  • Layer de-palletisers – This system removes a whole layer of a pallet before placing it onto a conveyor

Warehouse Putaway And Storage Software

Use this Warehouse Management Software module to:

  • Accelerate stock replenishment speed
  • Intelligently store materials based on custom defined factors (demand, perishability etc)
  • Increase capacity and optimise warehouse space
  • Boost throughput and reduce manual labour
  • Reduce error rates by ensuring stock is accurately putaway
  • Support accurate demand planning by integrating with order management systems

Warehouse Putaway And Storage Software Module

Increase capacity and throughput by optimising your Putaway and Storage process.

Our Putaway and Storage software module will enable frictionless transport of materials, optimise the use of space, calculate the best placement for retrieval and support accurate documentation.

Its flexibility means it can be configured to your precise warehouse layout and the inventory that needs to be stored and retrieved.

Advanced APIs ensure the module fully integrates with your Goods-in and Picking systems and RMS, to improve material flow.

Warehouse Automation Software


  • Control your storage and retrieval process and fully integrate it with your RMS
  • Control and co-ordinate systems such as conveyors, carousels, shuttles and movable racking
  • Flow live Putaway and Storage data across the warehouse
  • Integrate with Goods-In Putaway requests
  • Live inventory levels, stock location and status (identify quarantined items)
  • Data integration to order management systems for demand and forecast planning
  • Comprehensive real-time audit trail and transaction reconciliation
  • Real-time business intelligence reporting and analytics

Breathe Technologies has enabled us to double the number of orders we fulfil; that’s a 200% increase in productivity gains. The solution has dramatically improved our ability to scale up our business rapidly.

David Bloomfield, Supply Chain Director, Ultimate Products
Mini Load Crane Warehouse

Breathe Technologies will design and implement Mini-Load Crane systems that assist in the dense storage of goods. These warehouse automation systems use the aisles of your warehouse to store or retrieving high-density totes, trays and cartons.

Our warehouse consultants deliver systems that provide high throughput, low operational costs and can create customised designs for special requirements.

These automated warehouse systems are ideal for storage and can be configured to aid replenishment of zone picking solutions, along with feeding goods-to-person picking stations.

Our Mini-Load Crane Warehouse Systems will deliver a wide range of benefits to your warehouse Putaway and Storage process, including:

  • Lower operating costs and energy consumption
  • Reduced errors in manual handling
  • Protection for employees from injury with high payloads
  • Increased volume of materials stored within a small footprint
  • Support for wide range of range of goods and warehouse storage situations

Storage Equipment (Racking, Shelving, Mezzanine, Multi-tier Pick Towers And Storage Carousels (Horizontal And Vertical)

Breathe Technologies provide automated storage systems that are custom designed to suit your SKUs, warehouse facilities and putaway needs.

This includes Storage Carousels and ultra-high density cube systems that deliver significant capacity in a small footprint.

Our Racking, Shelving and Storage Carousel Systems will deliver a wide range of benefits to your warehouse Putaway and Storage process, including:

  • Up to a 50-150% increase in storage density
  • Improved accessibility of SKUs
  • Reduce forklift truck and operator movements
  • Ability to handle varying pallet types and configurations, including CHEP and Euro pallets in the same system
  • Automate the loading and retrieval of pallets
Automatic Storage and Retrieval

Breathe Technologies’ Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS) combine the best warehouse automation hardware and software to accurately and efficiently move materials to where they are required, when they are required.

We’ll design and implement a custom Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) tailored to your precise requirements and can incorporate:

  • Unit-load ASRS storage and retrieval rack structure for large loads and pallets
  • Mini-load ASRS storage and retrieval rack structure for lighter loads
  • Vertical lift modules (VLMs) with automatic insertion/extraction of trays
  • Shuttles for handling trays, totes, trays and cartons
  • Horizontal carousels with bins that rotate around horizontal track containing smaller items
  • Vertical carousels for high density storage
  • 3D cubical storage grids or automation islands for ultra-high-density goods-to-person order picking

Light Goods Material Handling Conveyor Systems

Breathe Technologies can create conveyor systems that transport materials across your Putaway and Storage function and the wider warehouse.

We have a huge amount of experience designing, implementing and maintaining a diverse range of warehouse conveyor systems.

The SQP process that we have designed with this mechanisation is the only one in the industry that runs like this, ensuring we can operate with really high levels of efficiency and accuracy.

Terry Siddle, Director of Logistics and Distribution , Pets at Home
Stacker crane

Breathe Technologies will create Stacker Crane Systems that travel automatically along the aisles of your warehouse to automate the storage and retrieval of high-density palletised materials.

They reduce errors in manual handling but also protect employees from injury with heavy payloads.

Breathe Technologies are helping deliver automated warehouse solutions that are efficient, cost effective and scalable. We’re now poised for rapid growth within the wholesale e-commerce sector globally.

Shabbab Al-Ghamdi, Co-Founder, RangePlus
Automatic Storage and Retrieval

Breathe Technologies will design and implement an automated warehouse storage system for you which delivers speed, efficiency and increased storage density by automatically storing and retrieving small loads such as cases, totes or trays.

The Robot Shuttles and 3D systems we deliver will make your picking operations up to six times more efficient by retrieving up to 1,000 totes per hour from your storage area. As the number of SKUs and size of your storage needs increase, the system becomes unrivalled in its efficiency.

Our Robot Shuttles and 3D systems will deliver a wide range of benefits to your warehouse Putaway and Storage process, including:

  • Minimal downtime with high reliability and innovative load handling
  • Easy switching between goods-to-person and a goods-to-robot processes
  • Rapid implementation and quick ROI

Breathe Technologies’ software has enabled us to treble the number of orders we can fulfil.

Terry Siddle, Director of Logistics and Distribution , Pets at Home
Robotic Layer Picker Warehouse Systems

The Robotic Layer Picker systems Breathe Technologies will deliver for you can handle most types of products and ensure you can create custom mixed-layer pallets for storage.

We design and implement these automated storage systems so that they can incorporate hoist and gantry layer picking, pick single or multiple layers at a time and even manage open trays or loose lids on cases.

Movable Racking

Breathe Technologies can provide a wide range of automated racking systems to optimise your Putaway and Storage warehouse processes.

These high-density mobile racking systems and shelving units are installed on movable bases providing a dense storage system by removing the aisles. This allows you to fit more products and SKUs in your warehouse.

Breathe Technologies’ automated solution meets the challenge of servicing customer orders within tight timescales across the range of delivery options that we now offer.

Anthony Leach, Head of Logistics, DHL Supply Chain

We’ll create for you tailored AGVs and AMR material handling or load carrying systems that transport materials during your Putaway and Storage process without the need for an operator.

Breathe Technologies design and implement warehouse automation systems which incorporate a range of AGV and AMR types, including:

Warehouse Automation Robotics
  • Unit load AGV For carrying a single units per journey (boxes, containers, pallet etc)
  • Automated guided forklift Capable of moving multiple pallets and heavier loads
  • Tow tractor AGV Used with a trailer system to move a train of carts 
  • Roaming Shuttle AMR To help transport goods and items between Putaway and Storage areas and onward to order Picking 
  • Bot Sorter A conveyor system that transports goods received using a series of tilting devices for sorting materials (e.g. tilt bot sorter, push tray sorter)
  • Despatch Cobots – Robots which work alongside humans to assist with Goods-In tasks or processes

Our Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) and Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) Warehouse Systems for Putaway and Storage:

  • Provide precise pick-up and placement of pallets
  • Use 360-degree obstacle detection to avoid Health & Safety and damage risks
  • Integrate with other Putaway and Storage systems
  • Can maximise performance and efficiencies by integrating with other goods-to-person or person-to-goods systems through our warehouse management software.

Warehouse Automation Consultative Services

Expert support throughout your automation journey

You’ll need to ensure your investment in warehouse automation systems is fully realised and protected.

Our warehouse consultants and experts will support you throughout your systems’ lifecycle, using our insight, engineering and software expertise to maintain uptime and continuously improve performance.

We Provide A Range Of Consultative Services Spanning:

  • System and Process Design and Optimisation
  • Solution Implementation and Project Management
  • Software Support and Custom Development
  • Engineering and Servicing

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