Over the last decade warehouse activities have come under the microscope when analysing company profitability and cutting unnecessary costs. With over 50% of running costs residing in the pick function of a warehouse, having an appropriate pick strategy and technology will ensure faster deliveries, fewer errors and ultimately more satisfied customers.

With the emphasis on making the warehouse as efficient as possible, implementing automated picking technologies to streamline processes will be vital for businesses in the coming years.
Technology has given us some excellent options for automated warehouse picking, increasing accuracy, productivity and flexibility.

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Person to Goods item picking is accomplished by directing staff to varying locations within the warehouse for order fulfilment. Whilst person-to-goods is a more traditional approach, when combined with Breathe’s software suite can offer solutions to help increase productivity, optimise space, ensure faster fulfilment, improve accuracy and deliver higher customer service levels, whilst utilising this method.

Intelligently manage the flow of work through your fulfilment centre, whilst eliminating the risk of completely replacing legacy systems. Breathe’s tailored warehouse execution software will enable our clients to deploy solutions for today’s changing environment.

Goods to Person (GTP) picking ensures items are automatically retrieved, conveyed and delivered to a workstation, where they are then manually picked. This picking method aims to reduce or remove the travelling time between pick locations. These solutions are normally used in conjunction with a method from the last section, but deployed on a much smaller scale.

Fully Automated

A fully automated system will pick full orders ready for dispatch. They tend to be highly specialised for a case with limited flexibility, but can help warehouses maximise large labour costs and allow for much higher pick rates.

Fully Automated