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Automated Goods-In Systems

Automate your Goods-in processes using tailored systems, powerful software and expert services

Diverse Warehouse Automation Technology And Robotics

Automating your goods-inward process ensures this crucial first stage is fully optimised and integrated with other warehouse functions.

As we are system agnostic, Breathe Technologies can design, configure and maintain a wide range of goods-inward solutions tailored to the precise needs of your inbound warehouse operations.

Whether it’s warehouse automation technology or robotics, we’ll optimise your systems using the Goods-In Module of our next generation Warehouse Management Software and provide full lifecycle support through a range of specialist consultative services.

Vehicle Unloading Warehouse Systems
  • Avoid inefficiencies and errors
  • Significantly reduce cycle times


  • Streamline key processes
  • Eliminate wastage


Vehicle Unloading Warehouse Systems

Breathe Technologies create Vehicle Unloading Systems that offload materials from delivery vehicles into the warehouse ready for processing.

They are key to the performance of your goods inward function as quick unloading ensures faster stock replenishment, fast track to cross docking systems and significantly reduces cycle times per trailer for an organised docking yard.

You can use our Vehicle Unloading Systems in your goods inward function to:

  • Support Health & Safety, reduce repetitive strain and limit potential damage to facilities/equipment with increased predictability and control over material movement
  • Increase accuracy and avoid damage to materials caused by inappropriate handling
  • Reduce vehicle turn-around times

Warehouse Goods-In Software

Use this Warehouse Management Software module to:

  • Increase data capture speed
  • Deliver labour savings
  • Improve barcode scanning accuracy
  • Enhance visibility across your warehouse with track and trace processes
  • Integrate with your IT stack to access order data and delivery notes

Goods-In Software Module

Enhance the speed and accuracy of your goods-in or receiving process.

Our Goods-in software module uses real-time connectivity to help unload, scan, validate and track product into the warehouse.

It will optimise all the warehouse automation systems you use in this function and is flexible enough to meet your precise material flow control requirements.

Advanced APIs ensure the module fully integrates with your wider IT stack (e.g. financial management, procurement, ERP, order management, transport/delivery and inventory management).

Warehouse Automation Software


  • Control and co-ordinate systems such as conveyors, scanners and automated guided vehicles
  • Flow live Goods-In data across the warehouse
  • Reconcile deliveries against purchase orders
  • Non-conformity reporting and quality control (upload documents, packing slips or photos of delivery)
  • End-to-end real-time delivery tracking and reporting
  • Integration with yard and dock management systems (dock scheduling, cross-docking, yard management)
  • Real-time business intelligence reporting and analytics


Telescopic and Flexi Conveyor Systems

We deliver Telescopic and Flexi Conveyor systems which will reduce your warehouse unloading times by 50% compared to a fully manual goods inward process.

Breathe Technologies’ warehouse automation experts will ensure each warehouse conveyor system is tailored to meet your specific needs around space, labour requirements and unloading dock availability.

Breathe Technologies has enabled us to double the number of orders we fulfil; that’s a 200% increase in productivity gains. The solution has dramatically improved our ability to scale up our business rapidly.

David Bloomfield, Supply Chain Director, Ultimate Products
Warehouse Dimension-Weight-Scan Systems

Breathe Technologies design and implement systems incorporating Dimension-Weight-Scan (DWS) functions that will give you a dynamic all-in-one solution to automatically identify, measure and weigh materials during the goods inward process.

Identifying materials by SKU ID, dimension and weight is to key to providing real-time data to automation systems (and across the whole of your warehouse) and supports your auditing processes.

You can use our Dimension-Weight-Scan (DWS) systems in your goods inward function to:

  • Speed up processing and reduce labour time from manual goods inward processes
  • Avoid bottlenecks when receiving your goods into the warehouse
  • Ensure that stock is replenished faster and error-free
  • Efficiently utilise space and ensure the packaging material is selected for the product
  • Eliminate data entry errors and shipping chargebacks from carriers

We can support you with a wide range of Dimension-Weight-Scan (DWS) systems, customised to your operational needs, as well as individual elements, including:

The SQP process that we have designed with this mechanisation is the only one in the industry that runs like this, ensuring we can operate with really high levels of efficiency and accuracy.

Terry Siddle, Director of Logistics and Distribution , Pets at Home
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Breathe Technologies will deliver data capture systems (barcode, RFID or character recognition) for you that use fully automated solutions or handheld and wearable devices to capture key information regarding inventory and movement at the goods inward stage.

This ensures all materials can be tracked in real-time throughout your warehouse and decisions made based on live status.

Use our Data Capture systems in your goods inward function to:

  • Gain real time visibility of materials and flow data to other warehouse functions and automation systems
  • Check the accuracy of goods received by comparing expected receipts information with data on materials, using our Warehouse Goods-In Software module.
  • Group and batch inventory to support efficient putaway and order picking
  • Capture Goods-In process data and identify opportunities to optimise staffing levels and throughput

Breathe Technologies’ software has enabled us to treble the number of orders we can fulfil.

Terry Siddle, Director of Logistics and Distribution , Pets at Home

We’ll create for you tailored AGVs and AMR material handling or load carrying systems that transport materials during your goods inward process, without the need for an operator.

Breathe Technologies design and implement warehouse automation systems which incorporate a range of AGV and AMR types, including:

Warehouse Automation Robotics
  • Unit load AGV – For carrying a single units per journey (boxes, containers, pallet etc)
  • Automated guided forklift Capable of moving pallets and heavier loads
  • Tow tractor AGV Used with a trailer system to move a train of carts 
  • Roaming Shuttle AMR To help transport goods and items between goods-in areas and onward to Putaway and Storage 
  • Bot Sorters A conveyor system that integrates goods received into wider applications using a series of sort and alignment devices for sorting and unscrambling materials.
  • Goods-In Cobots Robots which work alongside humans to assist with Goods-In tasks or processes

Our Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) and Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) Warehouse Systems for goods inward:

  • Provide precise pick-up and placement of pallets
  • Use 360-degree obstacle detection to avoid Health & Safety and damage risks
  • Can maximise performance and efficiencies by integrating with other goods-to-person or person-to-goods systems through our warehouse management software.

Warehouse Automation Consultative Services

Expert support throughout your automation journey

You’ll need to ensure your investment in warehouse automation systems is fully realised and protected.

Our warehouse consultants and experts will support you throughout your systems’ lifecycle, using our insight, engineering and software expertise to maintain uptime and continuously improve performance.

We Provide A Range Of Consultative Services Spanning:

  • System and Process Design and Optimisation
  • Solution Implementation and Project Management
  • Software Support and Custom Development
  • Engineering and Servicing

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