Struggling with social distancing in your warehouse?

Is social distancing having an impact on your warehouse operations’ ability to meet demand? The Coronavirus pandemic has disrupted every facet of the economy and there is no doubt that many supply chains have felt the impact. But when demand continues to be high, businesses need to make sure they don’t risk falling behind.

If your ambition is to thrive in a world that has been turned upside down, then it’s important that swift solutions are put into place within your warehouse to innovate your way out of the pandemic.

As market leader, Amazon is of course examining its business in search of high-tech solutions to the operational and logistical challenges of operating during the pandemic. From analysisng warehouse social distancing with cameras that blanket its warehouses to understand hot spot employee locations. To utilising its robotics engineers to adjust the company warehouses, deploying machines in some facilities that save employees trips where they often had to walk past co-workers.

There is a growing segment of the market which is increasing its usage of robotics and automation technologies. The pandemic has now highlighted that there are new opportunities for automation within warehouses for both large and small companies. We are working with the robotics and AI solutions company Geek+ to support our customers with efficiencies in the picking and sorting operations of their warehouses. Robotics such as these can reduce concerns from workers that feel they cannot social-distance with manually-operated systems. ‘Robotics-as-a-service’ or RaaS provide warehouse managers with a scalable option so that they can start small and adjust according to need.

Small changes don’t have to come with a big budget either. The simplest way of social distancing is by adding conveyors between workstations. Non-driven conveyors are a low cost solution, which will support increased capacity, whilst ensuring your warehouse is safe for operation.

Telescopic Conveyors are ideal for unloading at dock doors, whilst maintaining social distancing. Simple to use, handle most product sizes and can easily be folded away when not in use.

Likewise, expandable and gravity rollers are perfect for internal warehouse operations, they are easy and quick to implement during this challenging period.

Competitive pricing & lead times

Currently we have a limited stock of telescopic conveyors available for immediate despatch, and can offer expandable and gravity roller conveyors on a 5-7 day lead timeIf you would like a quote, get in touch today here.

Competitive pricing & lead times