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Delivery Management Software

Our delivery management software platform integrates all of your carrier partners to provide an exceptional customer delivery service.

Our software will:

  • Optimise carrier selection and label generation to support throughput in automation systems
  • Quickly generate labels to keep your operations moving
  • Offer marketplace, own website and 3rd party retailer dropshipping integration for seamless despatch operations
  • Identify the best carrier for each order
  • Operate in offline mode to sustain operations during internet outages

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We ensure a white glove approach to host system integration. Our software will work for you despite any difficulties you have faced with previous integrations.

Phil, Head of Software Delivery, Breathe Technologies

The Benefits

  • ‘Get it right first time’ approach – accurate data to prevent unexpected costs
  • Ensure customer service levels are met with real-time track and trace
  • Quality assurance on all orders to make sure what is picked gets packed
  • Reliable manifest generation with offline integration – continue to generate labels quickly even if your internet connection is lost
  • Reduce shipping costs by choosing optimum carrier, considering elements such as; service level and weight & volume

Carrier Integrations

Our growing portfolio of carrier integrations with; Royal Mail, Whistl, Yodel, DPD, Hermes, DHL, Tuffnells and UPS eliminates the time consuming and often inaccurate process of manually inputting data into different carrier portals.

Carrier Integrations

Carrier Selection

Easily connect to your carriers to make sure your parcels are shipped to your customer on time, every time. Our cost-effective carrier selection software will ensure you choose the right carrier based on your data and SLAs.

Keep your delivery promise by automatically selecting the service that can meet the order requirements and delivery service type i.e. next day, 48 hour or nominated day for the best price.

  • Save money and time to your business by meeting SLAs
  • Deliver excellent customer service
  • Ensure the most optimal service to reduce operational costs
  • Adhere to regulatory compliance and shipping regulations (incl. dangerous goods policies) via data validation to keep shipping parcels within the EU

Marketplace Integration

Combine orders from all of your marketplaces in one place to provide a streamlined and central viewpoint of your ecommerce shipping. With rich experience as a systems integrator we have the tools to ensure our delivery management software will provide integration with, or as an alternative to, Metapack.

  • Track and trace your products with an accurate and efficient flow of data
  • Streamline your order exchange and automation data flow to increase speed and accuracy
  • Manage your online shopping channels by streamlining integrations with leading marketplaces like; Groupon, Amazon, Shopify & eBay and order management systems such as Channel Advisor and Volo
Marketplace Integration

Case Study: Ultimate Products

Ultimate Products invested in its order despatch procedures with the implementation of our Delivery Management Software, which has improved the accuracy, speed and traceability of delivery operations via carrier integration for international shipments for Hermes, Yodel and Amazon.