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Warehouse Co-ordination, Control And Insight

Deploy process-specific functionality and data tools to optimise material flow control

Modular And Flexible

Software is crucial regardless of whether you’re investing in new systems or looking to improve existing warehouse solutions.

Our next generation Warehouse Management Software has advanced warehouse execution software (WES) and warehouse control software (WCS) functionality.

It features an intelligent optimisation engine which maximises real-time performance and harnesses valuable data at an individual process level.

This means you can take a phased approach to rolling out or improving warehouse automation systems, deploying different modules to optimise single, multiple or cross-warehouse functions.


Each Warehouse Management Software Module Provides:

  • Intelligent control – Continuously optimise processes by using AI algorithms to co-ordinate and control automation systems in real-time
  • Edge insights – Boost performance across the warehouse ecosystem by harnessing live data to continuously optimise material flow control and generate valuable business intelligence
  • Flexibility – Use advanced APIs to integrate with any system, ERP or WMS and deploy the software in a manner that fits your operations (on-premise, in the cloud or hybrid)
  • Advanced capabilities – Benefit from enterprise-class security and a roadmap delivering new functionality in machine learning, condition monitoring, compliance, scenario modelling and a range of other areas

Demo our software modules

Breathe Tech’s software solutions have helped us accurately process orders and returns for end consumers on our communication lines for Mobile Phones and TV broadband equipment. With our software support package, we have direct access to Breathe Tech’s software team, who solve tickets with minimal disruption to our operations.

Michal Zielinski, Systems Development Manager, GXO

Warehouse Goods-In Software

Use this Warehouse Management Software module to:

  • Increase data capture speed
  • Deliver labour savings
  • Improve barcode scanning accuracy
  • Enhance visibility across your warehouse with track and trace processes
  • Integrate with your IT stack to access order data and delivery notes

Goods-In Software Module

Enhance the speed and accuracy of your goods-in or receiving process.

Our Goods-in software module uses real-time connectivity to help unload, scan, validate and track product into the warehouse.

It will optimise all the warehouse automation systems you use in this function and is flexible enough to meet your precise material flow control requirements.

Advanced APIs ensure the module fully integrates with your wider IT stack (e.g. financial management, procurement, ERP, order management, transport/delivery and inventory management).



  • Control and co-ordinate systems such as conveyors, scanners and automated guided vehicles
  • Flow live Goods-In data across the warehouse
  • Reconcile deliveries against purchase orders
  • Non-conformity reporting and quality control (upload documents, packing slips or photos of delivery)
  • End-to-end real-time delivery tracking and reporting
  • Integration with yard and dock management systems (dock scheduling, cross-docking, yard management)
  • Real-time business intelligence reporting and analytics

Demo our Goods-In software module

Warehouse Putaway And Storage Software

Use this Warehouse Management Software module to:

  • Accelerate stock replenishment speed
  • Intelligently store materials based on custom defined factors (demand, perishability etc)
  • Increase capacity and optimise warehouse space
  • Boost throughput and reduce manual labour
  • Reduce error rates by ensuring stock is accurately putaway
  • Support accurate demand planning by integrating with order management systems

Warehouse Putaway And Storage Software

Increase capacity and throughput by optimising your Putaway and Storage process.

Our Putaway and Storage software module will enable frictionless transport of materials, optimise the use of space, calculate the best placement for retrieval and support accurate documentation.

Its flexibility means it can be configured to your precise warehouse layout and the inventory that needs to be stored and retrieved.

Advanced APIs ensure the module fully integrates with your Goods-in and Picking systems and RMS, to improve material flow.

Material Flow Control Software


  • Control your storage and retrieval process and fully integrate it with your RMS
  • Control and co-ordinate systems such as conveyors, carousels, shuttles and movable racking
  • Flow live Putaway and Storage data across the warehouse
  • Integrate with Goods-In Putaway requests
  • Live inventory levels, stock location and status (identify quarantined items)
  • Data integration to order management systems for demand and forecast planning
  • Comprehensive real-time audit trail and transaction reconciliation
  • Real-time business intelligence reporting and analytics

Demo our Putaway and Storage Software Module

Warehouse Order Picking Software

Use this Warehouse Management Software module to:

  • Deliver significant efficiency gains by generating intelligent picking instructions
  • Achieve 99.5+% picking accuracy
  • Deliver a 300% increase in picking rates
  • Continuously improve picking processes by monitoring data and re-factoring based on fluctuations and changes
  • Increase productivity by optimising picking routes for employees and robots
  • Prioritise order picking to meet service level KPIs (same day/next day delivery, Amazon Prime ready etc)
  • Integrate your Picking function with marketplaces, ERP and order management systems

Order Picking Software Module

Optimise your picking process to improve picking rates, whilst reducing errors and eliminating waste.

Our Picking software module will unlock transformative benefits by optimising goods-to-person (GTP) and person to goods (PTG) automated and semi-automated picking systems.

It will help maximise the number of orders you can process for fulfilment and ensure you meet your internal customer service level agreements.

Advanced APIs mean the module fully integrates with automation controls PLC/RMS and any e-commerce marketplace. The productivity gains delivered will help you avoid costly performance breaches.



  • Control and co-ordinate systems such as RFID, wearable picking technology, AMR, 3D Shuttle and overhead stacking systems
  • Flow live Picking data across the warehouse
  • Schedule tasks based on priority picking
  • Realtime route optimisation for employees and robots
  • Analysis and compliance tools to improve picking accuracy and productivity
  • Intelligent order management across omnichannel inbound orders
  • Order processing gamification to support and motivate employees
  • Real-time business intelligence reporting and analytics

Demo our Order Picking Software Module

Breathe Technologies are helping deliver automated warehouse solutions that are efficient, cost effective and scalable. Taking a considered, step-by-step approach to warehouse automation is ensuring we grow the business profitably.

Shabbab Al-Ghamdi, Co-Founder, RangePlus

Warehouse Packing Software

Use this Warehouse Management Software module to:

  • Achieve a step change in packing speed and quality
  • Increase volume throughput by 300%
  • Deliver diverse packaging solutions
  • Improve compliance with regulations, SLAs and delivery timelines
  • Automate carrier selection based on your decision-making priorities (e.g. cost efficiency)
  • Identify the right carrier for each and every parcel
  • Print carrier labels in milliseconds
  • Automate the production and submission of manifests and order progress to the carrier and/or marketplace

Warehouse Packing Software Module With Carrier Management

Enhance productivity and quality levels in your packing process

Our Pack software module ensures you can manage growing order volumes and diverse print, packaging and carrier management requirements.

It specialises in optimising single or multiple SKU orders and can effectively manage diverse SKU characteristics. The software help prioritise your orders based on SLAs, increase your throughput and reduce your shipping costs by selecting the best carrier for each parcel based on service level agreements, weight and volumes.

The software can integrate with any marketplace, carrier management platform or dropship partner and generate data insights that keep your customers informed and satisfied.

Breathe Technologies Software


  • Control and co-ordinate systems such as auto bagging machines, boxers, labellers and robot tote stackers
  • Flow live Packing data across the warehouse
  • Create augmented reality simulation of packing station designs
  • Advanced carrier selection to reduce shipping costs and meet delivery timelines
  • Custom label creation and branded packing slip design
  • Automatically generate regulatory compliance documents (dangerous goods, EU and international shipping documents etc.) and integrate with specialist systems (e.g. Customs)
  • Quality assurance and accuracy
  • Real-time business intelligence reporting and analytics

Demo our Warehouse Packing Software Module

The SQP process that we have designed with this mechanisation is the only one in the industry that runs like this, ensuring we can operate with really high levels of efficiency and accuracy.

Terry Siddle, Director of Logistics and Distribution , Pets at Home

Warehouse Despatch Software

Use this Warehouse Management Software module to:

  • Achieve faster despatch times and get your parcels on the road quicker
  • Increase accuracy and reduce lost items
  • Reduce labour-intensive manual processes
  • Improve final quality assurance checks
  • Ensure parcels are stowed or stored in the correct location
  • Integrate into carrier management and marketplace platforms

Warehouse Despatch Software Module

Fully optimise your final warehouse process to provide frictionless sorting, consolidation, checking and loading of orders.

Our Despatch software module ensures materials are correctly labelled, compiled or palletised and stored in the correct format and location and carefully loaded on to shipment vehicles.

The software integrates effectively with packing processes and systems to ensure a smooth, automated ‘Goods Out’ function.



  • Control and co-ordinate systems such as vehicle loading equipment, conveyors and AGV or AMR
  • Flow live Despatch data across the warehouse
  • Validate parcels are correctly labelled and in the right location
  • Optimised pallet building based on parcel volumes, destination and designated transport
  • Track and optimise capacity in your ‘goods out’ area
  • Process final quality assurance checks
  • Update carrier management software in real-time to ensure accurate shipping
  • Auto prioritisation of orders based on shipping or service level agreements
  • Real-time business intelligence reporting and analytics

Demo our Despatch Software Module

Breathe Technologies’ software has enabled us to treble the number of orders we can fulfil.

Terry Siddle, Director of Logistics & Distribution, Pets At Home

Full Warehouse Management Software

Supporting end-to-end process automation and improvement

Re-Defining WMS

Our next generation Warehouse Management Software is entirely focused on ensuring you can control, co-ordinate, optimise and continually improve warehouse automation systems and processes.

We can provide full Warehouse Management Software, with comprehensive warehouse execution software (WES) and warehouse control software (WCS) functionality.

This unifies our process-specific modules to create a single platform with centralised tools, dashboards and analytics.

It sits between the automation systems and your ERP or even a legacy warehouse management system (WMS), providing a deeply integrated data-led solution.

Tell me more about Warehouse Management Software

Breathe Technologies’ Warehouse Management Software:

  • Supports all execution and control aspects of warehouse automation
  • Features a core process optimisation engine with advanced AI, functionality and capabilities
  • Uses advanced APIs to integrate with any system, ERP or WMS
  • Provides a warehouse-wide view through simple, effective user interfaces and visualisations
  • Gives you valuable edge data analytics and business intelligence tools

Warehouse Analytics

Unlock the value in operational data

Decision Support And Business Intelligence

You’ll know how hard it is to make decisions and gain competitive advantage without reliable, real-time insights.

Our software captures, stores and analyses edge data to continuously optimise material flow control.

Breathe Technologies’ warehouse analytics tools will transform your decision making by providing live strategic and operational business intelligence.

We can also work with you to ensure any existing reporting and analytics suite is fully optimised.

Combine these capabilities with our systems design and optimisation consultancy service and you can use data to find opportunities for further optimisation and continuous improvement.


Tell me more about Warehouse Analytics

Breathe Technologies’ Warehouse Management Software:

  • Captures and stores key data from any automation equipment and robotics system
  • Visualises key information in real-time to support operators and managers
  • Provides constant flow of insights to ERP and WMS to drive optimisation
  • Uses a rules-based engine for automated performance tracking and compliance alerts
  • Features customisable dashboards and reports to enhance strategic decision making
  • Supports machine learning, predictive maintenance and scenario modelling

Software Support And Custom Development

We’ll ensure your business harnesses the full capabilities of our next generation Warehouse Management Software

Expertise And Tailored Capabilities

You’ll want to know that your Warehouse Management Software is fully supported by experts who live and breathe warehouse automation.

Our robust software is developed and maintained by a team of experienced software engineers who work closely with our systems designers and process improvement experts.

This means your software will be configured by people with deep subject matter expertise who can develop custom functionality and tools to suit your precise needs.

Our friendly UK-based support team are also on hand 24/7, 365 days a year to respond quickly to your enquiry.

Breathe Technologies’ Software Support And Custom Development Services Include:

  • PLC coding and support for proprietary, bespoke and Allen Bradley and Siemens systems
  • Manned hotdesk 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Email and telephone support
  • Remote connectivity

RangePlus demonstrates how we harmonise warehouse automation systems, software and services to unlock value and deliver transformative benefits for businesses of all sizes.

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