Order Fulfilment Software

Maximise the number of orders you can fulfil, with our order fulfilment software solution for UK retailers using marketplaces (such as Amazon and eBay).

With strong experience across both physical and digital software automation, Breathe Fulfil provides a holistic view of the warehouse, minimising the risk of breaching your marketplace provider’s performance metrics and documentary requirements to improve your throughput and ability to scale operations to meet the demands of peak.

Supporting the growth journeys of UK eCommerce Retailers!

Realise ROI within 1 year or less

We can optimise your pick, pack and despatch processes in a targeted way, bringing together physical and digital systems, so you benefit directly where needed (unlike other cloud-based alternatives).

  • Avoid potential account suspensions and significant costs incurred from marketplace performance metric breaches
  • Our software supports and takes full advantage of Amazon solutions including; Amazon Seller Prime, Amazon Vendor and Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA), to help maximise sales and present your customers with the best delivery experience possible
  • Ensure your order fulfilment is optimised to meet any marketplace agreement, by seamlessly connecting and sharing data through integrations including; marketplaces, physical automation systems, WMS and internal business systems
  • Manage complex marketplace shipping label / documentation requirements through our document design software to fulfil orders on time, regardless of source
  • Access all the benefits of our smart order fulfilment solutions, enabled by our modular approach to delivery management software and effective packing platforms

Breathe Technologies has enabled us to double the number of Amazon Vendor orders we fulfill; that’s a 200% increase in productivity gains. The technology has dramatically improved our ability to scale up that side of our business rapidly.

David Bloomfield, Supply Chain Director, Ultimate products Ultimate products

Amazon Prime is a key component of Ultimate Products’ online business strategy. Providing both Seller Fulfilled Prime and Vendor Central Fulfillment services, there is increasing pressure to ensure fulfillment processes meet Amazon’s stringent demands. Following the success on its online channel, Breathe’s software has now been implemented on the Amazon Vendor business.

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Primed for Amazon

Maximise sales and present your customers with the best delivery experience.

  • Ensure your fulfilment processes meet Amazon’s stringent performance metric demands
  • Grow your business, whilst having confidence in your fulfilment processes to:
    • Prioritise Amazon Prime orders ahead of other channels
    • Support Amazon Buy shipping requirements for Prime*
    • Minimise against Late Despatch Rate (LDR) by automating shipping notifications to Amazon


marketplaces that we support and integrate with

Combine orders from all of your marketplaces in one place to provide a streamlined and central viewpoint of your ecommerce shipping.

  • Track and trace your products with an accurate and efficient flow of data
  • Streamline your order exchange and automation data flow to increase speed and accuracy
  • Manage your online shopping channels by streamlining integrations with leading marketplaces like; Groupon, Amazon, Shopify, EBay, WooCommerce & Magento and order management systems such as; Channel Advisor and Volo

We have the tools to integrate with, or as an alternative to, Metapack.

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*Expected availability from Q3 2021