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Material Flow Control – Warehouse Control Software

Future-proof your system with our warehouse control system software for precise and effective management and movement of goods within your warehouse. Create a competitive advantage through material flow control that is optimally adapted to your business needs.

Breathe MFC is a cost efficient and flexible alternative to your incumbent system. It will act as middleware between the critical host system and machine automation systems, saving your business up to 50% on annual system support costs.


The Benefits:

  • Reduce the cost of your current support contract by up to 50%
  • Significantly reduce lead times & costs for any size system modifications
  • Realise ROI within 1 year or less
  • Local and flexible service provider, offering 24/7 support for both MFC and PLC code
  • Update legacy platforms ensuring improved security, in particular against Windows XP machines or server 2008 r2 hacker risks
  • Access to experiences design consultants

How it works…

Create simple and flexible control and coordination of material flows within your warehouse. 
  • Material Flow Control will interface with various software & host systems
  • Connects to existing technology recognising complete structure of transport systems
  • Collects and analyses movement date and performance indicators
  • Creates efficient workflows for optimal usage of time
  • Configurable interfaces allow users to view details of items sorted, where it has come from and it’s destination
Case Study

Case Study

Supporting the UK’s largest retailer of pets supplies, Pets at Home’s growth targets by updating its legacy control system and WMS interfaces at it’s Stoke Distribution Centre.

Driven by successful and consistent growth, Pets at Home needed to improve the efficiency and visibility of the control system responsible for tote sortation.

We have a really good working relationship with Breathe Technologies. The project at our distribution centre in Stoke involved delivering modifications to our existing conveyor system, and the team did this both on time and within the agreed budget.

Ben Ainsworth, Facilities Manager, Pets at Home Pets at Home

The Challenge

Due to increased growth and expansion of the business, Pets at Home found its legacy controls software and JDA Warehouse Management System were proving costly, inflexible and unsupportable on outdated IT platforms.

Breathe was commissioned to deliver additional productivity through existing automation, in a more cost effective way. Pets at Home also wanted a partner that would provide ongoing first-class support and flexibility to support continuous improvement.

The retailer needed visibility of their orders across three Pets at Home delivery channels with full track and trace.

Our Approach

  • Breathe replaced the existing automation interface with our Material Flow Control, our software solution for efficient routing of goods within the warehouse
  • To reduce the risk and increase the speed of deployment, we introduced custom integrations with the Pets at Home systems removing the need for investment in complex changes to both their host and PLC.
  • The Warehouse Control Software also collects data from each barcode scan and provides additional reporting and visibility. This has the advantage that Pets at Home can trace the totes much more closely and it supports proactive management based on data trends, for example problematic scanners


50% saved

on annual license and software support costs

Improved efficiency

with simplified software systems architecture to ensure material flow instead of congestion

More insight

gained into hardware and automation performance

Reduced risk

by keeping original conveyor layout, WMS interface, PLC code & barcodes with solution was implemented

Peace of mind

swift deployment and ongoing 24/7 support