Breathe Pack

A highly effective packing solution, improving operational efficiencies and throughput.

Breathe Pack is smart packing platform, which delivers better performance and control of order fulfillment processes for ecommerce providers and retailers. A scalable software solution, Breathe Pack enables automated packing integration to reduce your overall cost per order.

With rich experience delivering both digital and physical automation solutions, Breathe provides a holistic view of the warehouse to support your business during every step of your growth journey.

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The Benefits

  • Breathe will grow with your business, offering the ability to scale your packing operations to support your throughput
  • Our consultative approach offering standard to specialised packing solutions can increase productivity levels by up to 300%
  • Designed to be easy to use, most employees will be able to begin packing operations within 15 minutes
  • Individually tailored workflows, reducing training burden and providing maximum efficiency
  • Multilanguage functionality, which will enable you to unlock access to a larger resource pool
  • Achieve high quality packing with regulatory guidance for staff, so they don’t have to be product experts
  • Customised print design elements to support flexible branding for dropship / multi-branding support
  • Automated label creation will make packing operations more efficient, ensuring the right orders reach the right people

increase in productivity levels have been achieved

Designed specifically for today’s packing requirements, Breathe Pack enables your warehouse to automatically pull orders from multiple sources such as marketplaces, dropship partners or your own internal systems, to prioritise, fulfil and automatically update interested parties about what’s being processed.

It further guides the warehouse operators across the packing journey, helping to streamline the operational process.

Breathe was commissioned to improve the efficiency of online order picking and packing, particularly for prescription products such as pet medication. Utilising Breathe Pack software and automation we were able to increase throughput at Pets at Home by 300%

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Is your warehouse struggling with fulfillment challenges?

Manual process are time consuming & create inaccuracies

Breathe Pack can easily consolidate orders from multiple sources to give a single consolidated view of what needs to be picked, packed and despatched. Our software will also automate and validate order items to prevent picking errors and fulfil the right order at the right time.

Onboarding processes for employees are inefficient

Breathe Pack offers a Multilanguage support feature, which will enable you to unlock access to a larger resource pool, reduce onboarding times and effectively deliver sooner. Likewise automated functionality that matches the right items to orders will increase operational speed for newly onboarded employees.

Current system doesn’t prioritise orders for despatch

Our software will enable you to bulk pick single orders and automatically match them to fulfil highest priority requests first, meeting SLAs from services like Amazon Prime. It will also help you align picks to carrier pick-up schedules so you don’t miss delivery timelines for single items.

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