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Breathe Pack

A highly effective packing solution, improving operational efficiencies and throughput.

Breathe Pack provides smart packing software that drives benefit for ecommerce providers and retailers. Designed specifically for today’s packing requirements, Breathe Pack enables your warehouse to automatically pull orders from multiple marketplaces, in priority and automatically log what’s being processed.

This smart software solution will enable automated packing integration, create a user-friendly desktop interface, allow design of pack slips and carrier labels, manage printer interfaces and provide logging and reporting functionality.

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Manually pulling orders from multiple sources inputting into the host system is time consuming, and is leading to missed orders.
Breathe Pack will easily collate orders from multiple sources to give a single consolidated view of what needs to be picked, packed, and despatched.
Current systems don’t prioritise orders that need to be despatched first.
Our software will enable you to bulk pick single orders and automatically match them to fulfil highest priority requests first.
Unable to process priority orders before carrier pick up times, means you are missing delivery timelines for single items.
We can help you aligning picks to carrier pick up frequencies.
Manually identifying and matching the right items to orders for fulfilment is a time-consuming task. For your newly on-boarded employees it takes even longer.
Breathe Pack will automate and validate correct items to fill the right orders at the right time.
Struggling with your system’s lack of language support makes it difficult for some employees to on-board fast and effectively deliver.
Our software will unlock access to a larger resource pool and reduce onboarding times by adding language support feature.
Missing out legal requirements for certain goods categories such as Alcohol, Dangerous goods is causing reputational damage issues.
Breathe Pack will ensure you always send the right documentation to your partners and end consumers. Easily customise your documentation to meet all latest requirements.

Breathe was commissioned to improve the efficiency of online order picking and packing, particularly for prescription products such as pet medication. Utilising Breathe Pack software and automation we were able to increase throughput at Pets at Home by 300%

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