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Wherever our customers are on their automation journey, Breathe Technologies offers a unique proposition of smart, affordable and seamless supply chain integration solutions, which can help with:

  • Reducing cost of operations
  • Increasing efficiencies
  • Decreasing errors
  • Improving customers experience & satisfaction

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Feeling restrained or trapped by your legacy systems? We have the solution.

Intelligently manage the control and flow of work through your distribution centre. Breathe’s tailored warehouse execution software (WES) will enable our clients to deploy solutions that are needed in today’s changing environment, with the flexibility to implement new features as and when their business develops.

Offering an intermediate step between an enterprise resource planning system (ERP) or warehouse management system (WMS), our WES software organises sequences and directs distribution centre resources (both people and automation systems) to move goods and process more orders.

Do you need greater flexibility, responsiveness and speed from your system? Customising or extending your WMS or ERP can be costly, complex and risky. Our WES software modules will optimise workflow, labour and equipment across a wide variety of incumbent systems.

The Benefits:

  • Low cost expenditure
  • More cost effective in terms of CAPEX
  • Minimal input and change, ensuring disruption is prevented


Get complete control and real time visibility of the final stages in your fulfilment process. With a single platform to select and integrate with multiple carrier systems, this module will enable you to take data from the host order database to create labels and manifests for your carriers. Despatch Solutions

Warehouse Control Software

We design and install bespoke, fully integrated sortation solutions to optimise your automation performance. 

From those taking their first steps into warehouse software to those who may already have an established Warehouse Management System (WMS) or Manufacturing Execution System (MES), but need effective integration with automation, we can provide sortation and routing systems to meet your needs. 

Our WCS software will co-ordinate your material handling sub-systems, from scanning, over ship labels, boxing, bagging, print & apply, sortation and conveyor belts. It also has the ability to communicate and manage automation technology such as AMR / AGVs, shuttles, mini-loads and robotics. Our WCS software will determine the most efficient product flow and transmit directives at each decision point.

Host System Integration

As your business grows and you need to achieve greater visibility of your supply chain, your warehouse and fulfilment software should be adaptable, multi-functional and flexible.

Many incumbent ERP, OMS and WMS systems may not provide the flexibility required to integrate with out-of-the-box automation. When integrated into your host system, Breathe’s micro services-based architecture will have minimal impact to your team’s workload, and your existing software and hardware. Breathe’s software suite will seamlessly connect with your retail software communicating inventory levels, so that stores and online systems know exactly what is available.

Document Design

Breathe’s document management platform will manage your paperwork design e.g. shipping labels, invoices and delivery notes. From document creation, database population, to initiating the printing process when an item is scanned, our document design software ensures:

  • Less manual input is required
  • Is less error prone
  • Barcode read rates is increased
  • Multiple print functions, including bulk, dynamic and manual is efficiently managed
  • Can be used with any Windows compatible printer
  • Carrier acceptance rates is improved

Custom Requirements?

Do you have a special requirement or process that is not listed above? Here at Breathe Technologies we can help optimise and implement your requirements for both digital and physical automation.

If you’re looking to achieve far greater benefits and gains than just simply changing your workflows to work with standard software, then get in touch today.