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Fully connect your warehouse processes and unlock the value of your investment in new or existing automation systems

Warehouse ManagementSoftware WMS

Your investment in physical warehouse automation systems will not be fully realised without the support of digital tools and insights.

Our Warehouse Management Software provides advanced warehouse execution software (WES) and warehouse control software (WCS) functionality.

It has an intelligent optimisation engine which uses AI to maximise real-time performance of physical hardware and harness valuable data.

The software fully integrates with your PLC/RMS and wider IT stack and can be used to plug capability gaps in your existing ERP or warehouse management system (WMS).

You can deploy it to improve the efficiency and ROI of your existing warehouse automation systems, or as part of an integrated solution from Breathe Technologies.

Our Warehouse Control Software (WCS) functionality offers precise control of your automation using the latest industry 4.0 and Internet of Things technology to provide enriched visualisation and maximise real-time performance and continuous improvement by harnessing valuable data.

Our control system architecture is designed to allow asset and condition monitoring, using a range of standard hardwired or wireless devices to capture and store critical data in our cloud application.

Breathe Technologies’ Warehouse Management Software Provides:

  • Intelligent control – Continuously optimise processes by using industry 4.0 smart devices and AI to co-ordinate and control automation systems in real-time.
  • Edge insights – Improve performance across the warehouse ecosystem by harnessing live data to improve responsiveness and generate valuable business intelligence.
  • Flexibility – Use advanced APIs to integrate with any system and deploy the software in a manner that fits your operations (on-premise, in the cloud or hybrid).
  • Advanced Capabilities – Benefit from enterprise-class security and a roadmap delivering new functionality in machine learning, condition monitoring, compliance, scenario modelling and a range of other areas.

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Breathe Technologies’ software has enabled us to treble the number of orders we can fulfil.

Terry Siddle, Director of Logistics & Distribution, Pets At Home

Software Process Modules

Process-specific WES and WCS functionality, suitable for enterprise and high-growth SMEs

You may well be looking to improve an individual warehouse function or take a phased approach to rolling out warehouse automation systems.

Our software is modular and flexible, enabling you to take a process-by-process approach to optimising warehouse automation.

Each module has warehouse execution software (WES) and warehouse control software (WCS) functionality.

It enhances co-ordination of automation systems and harnesses data to optimise material flow control and provide valuable business intelligence.

The software easily integrates with the rest of your ecosystem, perfect for plugging capability gaps in your ERP, warehouse management systems (WMS) or wider IT stack.

Breathe Technologies’ Software Has Modules For:

– Goods-In

– Putaway and Storage

– Picking

– Packing

– Despatch


Full Warehouse Management Software

Supporting end-to-end process automation and improvement

Our next generation Warehouse Management Software is entirely focused on ensuring you can control, co-ordinate, optimise and continually improve warehouse automation systems and processes.

We can provide full Warehouse Management Software, with comprehensive warehouse execution software (WES) and warehouse control software (WCS) functionality.

This unifies our process-specific modules to create a single platform with centralised tools, dashboards and analytics.

It sits between the automation systems and your ERP or even a legacy warehouse management system (WMS), providing a deeply integrated data-led solution.

Breathe Technologies’ Warehouse Management Software:

  • Supports all execution and control aspects of warehouse automation
  • Features a core process optimisation engine with advanced AI, functionality and capabilities
  • Uses advanced APIs to integrate with any system, ERP or WMS
  • Provides a warehouse-wide view through simple, effective user interfaces and visualisations
  • Gives you valuable edge data analytics and business intelligence tools

Warehouse Analytics

Unlock the value in operational data

You’ll know how hard it is to make decisions and gain competitive advantage without reliable, real-time insights.

Our software captures, stores and analyses edge data to continuously optimise material flow control.

Breathe Technologies’ warehouse analytics tools will transform your decision making by providing live strategic and operational business intelligence.

We can also work with you to ensure any existing reporting and analytics suite is fully optimised.

Combine these capabilities with our systems design and optimisation consultancy service and you can use data to find opportunities for further optimisation and continuous improvement.

Breathe Technologies’ Warehouse Management Software:

  • Captures and stores key data from any automation technology and warehouse robotics systems
  • Visualises key information in real-time to support operators and managers
  • Provides constant flow of insights to ERP and WMS to drive optimisation
  • Uses a rules-based engine for automated performance tracking and compliance alerts
  • Features customisable dashboards and reports to enhance strategic decision making
  • Supports machine learning, predictive maintenance and scenario modelling

Material Flow Control

Precise and effective management and movement of goods within your warehouse.

Future-proof your operations by using our warehouse control system software for precise and effective management and movement of goods within your warehouse.

It will create a competitive advantage by ensuring material flow control is optimally adapted to your business needs.

MFC is a cost efficient and flexible alternative to your incumbent warehouse management system (WMS). It will act as middleware between the critical host system and machine automation systems, saving your business up to 50% on annual system support costs.

Breathe Technologies’ Material Flow Control Software:

  • Interfaces with various software and host systems
  • Integrates with existing technology recognising complete structure of transport systems
  • Collects and analyse smovement date and performance indicators
  • Reduces the cost of your current support contract by up to 50%
  • Significantly reduces lead times & costs for any size system modifications

Software Support And Custom Development

We’ll ensure your business harnesses the full capabilities of our next generation Warehouse Management Software

You’ll want to know that your Warehouse Management Software is fully supported by experts who live and breathe warehouse automation.

Our robust software is developed and maintained by a team of experienced software engineers who work closely with our warehouse consultants, systems designers and process improvement experts.

This means your software will be configured by people with deep subject matter expertise who can develop custom functionality and tools to suit your precise needs.

We provide regular product enhancements and our friendly UK-based support team are also on hand 24/7, 365 days a year should you need us.

Breathe Technologies’ Software Support And Custom Development Services Include:

  • PLC support for control systems
  • Manned hotdesk 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Email and telephone support
  • Remote connectivity

RangePlus demonstrates how we harmonise warehouse automation systems, software and services to unlock value and deliver transformative benefits for businesses of all sizes.

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Tailored Warehouse Automation Systems

Eliminate repetitive manual processes using sophisticated technology and robotics

Warehouse Packing and Labelling

Warehouse Automation Technology

Dramatically improve material flow control across your warehouse using established warehouse automation technology.

We’ll create tailored solutions for you that deliver a step-change in performance and rapid ROI.

Our Warehouse Management Software keeps these systems optimised and effectively integrates them into your warehouse ecosystem.

Warehouse Automation Robotics

Warehouse Automation Robotics

Transform your operations using high speed and precise Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) and Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) systems.

We’ll deliver a cost effective and scalable solution for you that delivers stunning productivity and capacity benefits.

The Robot Integration layer in our next generation Warehouse Management Software will increase the flexibility of your robotic systems and ensure you continuously improve your warehouse processes.

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Breathe Technologies’ automated solution meets the challenge of servicing customer orders within tight timescales across the range of delivery options that we now offer.

Anthony Leach, Head of Logistics, DHL Supply Chain

Warehouse Automation Consultative Services

Expert support throughout your automation journey

You’ll need to ensure your investment in warehouse automation systems is fully realised and protected.

Our warehouse consultants and experts will support you throughout your systems’ lifecycle, using our insight, engineering and software expertise to maintain uptime and continuously improve performance.

We Provide A Range Of Specialist Consultative Services Spanning:

  • System and Process Design and Optimisation
  • Solution Implementation and Project Management
  • Software Support and Custom Development
  • Engineering and Servicing

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Breathe Technologies have proved to be partners in service delivery working with a number of different parties and continuing to help us refine the system and realise its full potential.

Anthony Leach, Head of Logistics, DHL Supply Chain