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Optimise results …

With solutions built for your warehouse, your markets and your budget. Choose software that supports your growth, improves productivity and ensures your connected business delivers.


Take control …

By leveraging the power of AI and automation. Integrate your IT systems with your handling tech. Understand your operation with real-time data. Reduce errors and increase customer satisfaction.


Make savings …

Speed through your receiving, put away, picking, packing and your dispatch. Use your warehouse capacity to the best effect, save on space, save on labour, and save the planet by saving power.

When your warehouse systems all do their own thing, we get them to cooperate.

Smart wearable technology shouldn’t hamper dexterity. Our ergonomic devices keep both hands free.

Scanners should provide feedback that’s appropriate to your environment: tactile, audible or visual.

Why carry scanners that can only read certain barcode types. Ours read 1D, 2D, QR and Data Matrix.

Reduce boxing time by up to 50 per cent, save on materials and save on storage space with automated solutions.

Why struggle with promotional leaflets, packing slips and invoices when automated printing solutions solve it all.

Ensure a smooth flow of goods with smart conveyor systems that take the stress out of handling the goods.

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Breathe … Our expertise is trusted.

Our specialism is the integration of automated systems.

When we create software, such as our Orquestr8, our goal isn’t simply to digitise a process. It’s to facilitate the creation of harmonised ecosystems within the warehousing and distribution sector.

All our software is designed with a thorough understanding of automated systems. We know that businesses use multiple different equipment types, each with its own individual technical or smart features. Our answer to the conundrum is a modular, scalable, AI-driven solution that harnesses all the benefits of cloud technologies and works with standard connectors in both physical and digital systems.

We’re working with:

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In partnership to bring the latest AI technologies and data science to warehousing

Breathe is part of a Knowledge Transfer Partnership with Manchester Metropolitan University, supported by Innovate UK. We have also been awarded a place on the Bridge AI programme which gives access to world-leading expertise in advanced digital technologies.

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We’re Breathe Technologies.

We’re experts in seamless automation.
We can work wonders, but if we can’t deliver improvements, we’ll we straight about that.

We believe in partnerships.
We won’t impose an idea, a solution or a way of working that doesn’t serve your operation or your people.

We’re practical.
We live and work in the real world, and everything we do has a practical application and a tangible benefit.

We don’t know everything …
We never will – the digital world is changing constantly. That’s why we partner with those at the forefront of AI and other technologies so that you can trust us to deliver the best options.

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Breathe Technologies has enabled us to double the number of orders we fulfil; that’s a 200% increase in productivity gains.

David Bloomfield

Supply Chain Director
– Ultimate Products

Breathe Technologies continue to provide us with innovative solutions that apply the latest technologies and best practice to our current installation.

Andy Shuker

Resource and Production Planning Manager

We operate a six-day week and Breathe Technologies provided skilled technical leadership and the flexibility to work alongside our existing software with all onsite implementation and testing taking place out of hours. We are now realising the benefits of the latest control technology.

Director of NDC Operations

Connect Distribution

Breathe delivered a solution that enables us to process bulky and delicate parcels more easily and efficiently, increasing our capacity and improving the flow through to sort.

Head of Operations


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