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As shopping behaviours and delivery expectations continue to evolve as more and more people buy online, post and parcel organisations are having to respond quickly or risk losing out on market share. This shift has accelerated the need for new technologies, increased operational functionality and data utilsation, to ensure a frictionless delivery experience for customers.

The Challenge

UK independent parcel carrier Yodel, required a new automated sortation area in response to the increasing demand on Out of Gauge (OOG) product sortation. 

Bulky, out of gauge, non-machinable or ‘ugly traffic’ shaped items, such as flat pack furniture, car exhausts and ironing boards, which usually require manual handling, account for 5% of the market by value (according to Apex Insight).

The process of sorting by hand slows down the transit of goods through the network, therefore reducing the number of parcels that can be sorted in peak periods and increases the risk of damages and mis sorts due to human error.

Yodel required a solution which would deliver improvements in flow as well as reduce parcel handling by colleagues.

Yodel Wednesbury

The Solution

A dynamic and bespoke conveyance solution was implemented by Breathe Technologies to ensure Yodel can handle a wide range of products within a small footprint.  The solution utilises Intralox sortation equipment, consisting of Activated Roller Belt technology, providing gentle and precise sorting of items which historically would go through a manual process.

The new system, costing over £1 million, replaces existing infrastructure of two manual sorting carousels. Sitting alongside the larger fully-automated sort at Wednesbury, can handle items up to 1.8m long and up to 0.9m wide. It is capable of processing up to 2,500 metre-long items per hour and will greatly enhance the speed and efficiency of the out of gauge parcel sorting process.

Items that previously had to be manually sorted are now automatically scanned, weighed, volumised and photographed as they pass through the system and are sorted to Yodel’s nationwide network of customer delivery depots.



reduction in manual handling rates

Reducing risk of operator injury whilst minimising potential damages and mis-sorts.

Increased efficiency

Yodel’s clients & customers benefit from greater network visibility and traceability of parcels.