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A Fresh Take On Food Distribition

Are you struggling with the complexities of SKU proliferation, seasonal peak demand and efforts to maintain product freshness? For many food and beverage manufacturers and retailers, it will only become harder to overcome these challenges without making some changes.

If you’ve reached tipping point or getting close to it, it’s likely time to automate. Whether you’re looking for new construction or a retrofit an experienced automated solutions provider can help.


Get a fresh take on food distribution

Download a whitepaper from our partners at Cimcorp to learn about:

  • What’s driving today’s food distribution challenges
  • Which companies have found success in automation
  • Pros and cons of new construction vs. a retrofit

Robotic order fulfillment solutions

Today’s food and beverage manufacturers and retailers are facing unprecedented challenges across their supply chains.

Automation presents a fresh take on food distribution. Robotic order fulfillment solutions can manage the entire material flow, from when products enter the warehouse, through storage and right up to the shipping dock. Automated warehouses thus have superior control over operations, which companies need to overcome the modern challenges of food distribution, including meeting greater consumer demands, keeping up during seasonal spikes in business and maximising product shelf life.


Cimcorp 3D Shuttle

Designed for warehouses in the retail, food service and e-commerce sectors, the Cimcorp 3D Shuttle is an automatic goods-to-person picking solution.

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Cimcorp MultiPick®

Cimcorp MultiPick® is designed for automated storage and order picking of products in plastic crates and trays. Perfect for companies in competitive markets handling high volumes of labor-intensive products with relatively low margins.

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