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The fashion industry is undergoing a period of reinvention due to the impact of the pandemic. With some retailers closing stores and many mid-price chains developing an eCommerce offer, resilient supply chains will be essential for retailers to thrive in the future.

The Challenge

Breathe Technologies was appointed to support QVC with an outbound dispatch system that would keep pace with QVC’s sales activity and enable them to always provide competitive customer service.

QVC UK has the largest shopping channel in Britain and an interactive website, which offers a wide variety of consumer branded products. The new outbound system aimed to:

  • Meet the increased demand of higher customer SLAs
  • Provide real-time reporting on pre-defined KPIs 
  • Despatch a large product range from a varied supplier base efficiently
  • Reduce reliance on manual systems

Phase 1:

2 x Automated Bagging line – a complex automation system 

Benefit: Over 1,100 orders an hour can now be packed 

3 x Over shipping labelling system – allowing for pallets to be brought into the warehouse 

Benefit: This line can 760 orders per hour

Manual packing lineaccounting for bagging volume peaks or managing difficult shaped products

Offline uglies cellAllowing large out of gauge products that don’t feed into the main sortation system to be processed

Bulk printing pack slip

Phase 2 Jewellery:

3 x Semi-automated bagging machines

Benefit: 250 orders per hour

Additional phase: Simplified manual pack features – allows shipping labels to be created much simpler 

Benefit: Increase in throughput and speed efficiencies as all paperwork is scanned, label is printed without the use of a no screen



automated warehouse throughput per hour

More efficient picks, reduced resource, improved space utilisation.


Jewellery line orders per hour

Improved lead times, error reduction via increased visibility & accuracy.

Phase 3:

Updated Automated Bagging Line – Same equipment, slightly different features to improve efficiencies to make the line run quicker

Benefit: 1,240 orders an hour 


  • Down from two shifts to deal with volumes to a single shift resulting in a significant throughput improvement 
    • More efficient picks 
    • Resource expenditure reduced 
  • Unit cost per parcel was significantly reduced 
  • Reduce lead time and errors
  • Unproductive labour has been minimised
  • Improved customer experience
  • Improved space utilisation
  • Visibility and accuracy about where the product was and what was happening to it was increased
  • Flexibility of Breathe software with incumbent WMS. Enabling the warehouse growth to scale with the business and implement additional phases with ease.