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Solving Peak Period Warehouse Challenges

The Challenge

Worldwide technology leader in the media and entertainment sector Technicolor, has seen rapid growth in its distribution business in recent years.

Designed to provide scalable solutions to support major product launches, Technicolor’s distribution services ensure that direct-to-consumer orders are fulfilled and shipped.

To more effectively manage fulfilment of the seasonal and market-related spikes in eCommerce sales, Technicolor required a streamlined packing process to be implemented at its warehouse in Rugby


The Solution

Breathe Technologies was appointed to support the design and delivery of a semi-automated pack and despatch solution. Utilising Breathe Pack, our smart warehouse packing software platform, ensured the business was able to adopt semi-automated ecommerce fulfilment supporting staff shortages.

Breathe Pack now manages the packing and labelling processes, delivering efficiencies for the business’ eCommerce order fulfilment, including;

  • Single SKU order processing
  • Existing host system integration providing carrier label and consignment data
  • Simple user interface to guide pack process and highlight order issues
  • Simple Supervisor application to allow for fault correction and order issues

In collaboration with Automated Packaging Systems (APS), the project has delivered a first phase of five Autobag PS125 machines, semi-automating the process of packing, label printing and application, concluding with order sealing.




orders per person, per hour

Reduction in errors caused by manual operations.

Increased productivity

Single viewpoint via seamless integration with existing system reducing manual management time.