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Refurbishment and obsolescence audits

An essential part of conveyor and controls system maintenance.

Inspection audits are a great way of keeping your maintenance plan up to date to ensure optimum functionality from your system and to allow you to plan for obsolescence and changes well in advance.

Inspection audits allow you to stay on top of the curve by identifying and performing necessary preventative maintenance, identify improper care for your conveyor system and understand the state of parts within your conveyor system. A spare parts stock check can also help you understand the risk of single point of failure.


Our expertise and partnership with leading conveyor manufacturers means we are on top of the latest developments and all our inspection audits include;

  • Visual inspection on all hardware components and execution of a general system check of the entire system;
  • Cleaning of system components;
  • Speed check for all conveyors;
  • Check efficiency of your sorting systems. Check speeds / gapping and positioning is providing most efficient sorting (look to make any improvements to parcel flow’s);
  • Perform any outstanding actions from inspection reports;
  • General electrical inspection. Visual inspection on electrical hardware & containment throughout the system;
  • Meeting / discussion with Site Management in order to discuss overall performance of the system and the resolution of any system issues or possible improvements / modifications;
  • Meeting / discussion with Site Management in order to discuss the control system and review and changes that could affect the control system;
  • Review Service Call Log;
  • Provide operator training / familiarisation on the control system;
  • Check VPN functionality, remote dial in and verify passwords;
  • Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) checks;
  • Electrical Control Panel cooling fans, filters ACU’s, checks;
  • Documentation checks. Ensure correct documentation, diagrams & drawings are present;
  • Safety devices checks. Emergency stops, isolators etc;
  • Wiring & containment checks. Check integrity of electrical power / control cables and associated containment.
  • Observe system in operation during (am) and (pm) production shifts;
  • Check HMI display, operator screen’s and software functionality;
  • Provide formal report on system performance, work carried out, recommendations for further work and record all speed settings & inverter settings.

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