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Automated storage for small loads

As a Prime Partner to the Swisslog Technology Centre, we offer flexible materials handling solutions incorporating robotic technology from Swisslog’s portfolio of autonomous vehicles. 

Miniload storage has never been so important than it is in today’s world of retail, eComm and multichannel. Depending on the shape, size and height of your warehouse and the products that are stored and retrieved we can offer Swisslog solutions to ensure flexible, scalable and cost effective picking solutions.

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This picking technology enables flexible, energy-efficient storage and retrieval systems. Our partners at Swisslog have created the Tornado miniload crane, which offers high throughput, low operational costs and a customisable design for special requirements.  

The Tornado ensures products like totes, trays and cartons can be stored within a small footprint. Offering reduced operational costs, this system is ideal for reserve storage and replenishment of manual picking zones, along with feeding goods-to-person picking stations.  


  • High throughput
  • Low operations costs
  • Customisable for special requirements
  • Low energy consumption
  • Able to handle a large range of goods

The CycloneCarrier is designed to help store small loads fast and efficiently. This dynamic shuttle storage and retrieval system will increase throughput in busy warehouses, delivering high redundancy, speedy error recovery and increased storage density. 

These systems automatically store and retrieve cases, totes or trays, which provides compact storage of goods and immediate access benefits. The Swisslog CycloneCarrier is an automated Shuttle System offers excellent throughput and availability. 


  • Reliable – reduced downtime with innovative load handling
  • High speed – managing up to 1,000 totes per hour per aisle
  • Future-proofed – increase performance by easily switching goods-to-person to a goods-to-robot system
  • Plug and play functionality – reduced implementation time