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Established in 2009, Breathe Technologies create innovative, high-performance systems using a proven warehouse process improvement methodology, powerful proprietary software and automation technology and robotics.

We have an exceptional team of warehouse consultants, maintenance experts and technologists who use our unique Warehouse Optimisation Framework to ensure our solutions are always delivering maximum value.



As a market innovator we strive to maintain an entrepreneurial mindset. Every member of the team is hardworking, passionate and committed to delivering excellence and growth.

It means customers benefit from having an agile, outcome-focused partner that’s responsive to need, whilst our employees enjoy a wealth of development opportunities.



We always meet the highest standards of professionalism, ethics and integrity. Every member of the team has the courage and pride to take personal ownership and accountability for everything they do.

It means customers benefit from having consistent and reliable partner that adheres to best practice, whilst our employees are empowered to exercise their own judgement and discretion.



We have an outstanding reputation for innovation and flexibility. The team constantly finds effective and efficient ways of delivering solutions, continuously improving and responding to change.

It means customers gain a partner that overcomes challenges and seizes opportunities, whilst employees have the freedom and opportunity to adapt and thrive.



Every day we strive to nurture strong relationships and partnerships with our stakeholders. This includes proactively seeking opportunities to engage and support in an open and friendly way.

It means customers benefit from a talent-rich, strategic partner that’s more than just a supplier, whilst employees can effectively harness our collective insight, experience and resource.



All businesses need a heart. We are honest, respectful and work hard to create a positive, healthy workplace that focuses on sustainability. Every member of the team acts selflessly, looks to build trust and is mindful of their impact on other people and the wider environment.

It means customers work with an ethical partner with strong focus on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues, whilst our employees feel supported in their personal and professional goals.

There are new challenges for supply chains and operations teams who need to turn to technology to gain that advantage.

David Carroll, CEO

We’ve made a significant investment in creating an integrated, software-enhanced proposition that can support customers throughout their automation journey.

Claire Umney, Managing Director

The ability to deliver end-to-end warehouse automation and scalable process-by-process improvement means Breathe Technologies’ solutions are relevant to a range of different market sectors and business requirements.

Phil Houghton, Sales and Marketing Director

Your Warehouse Automation Partner

Transform your processes using our powerful integrated solutions

Warehouse Packing and Labelling

Warehouse Automation Technology

Dramatically improve material flow control across your warehouse using established warehouse automation technology.

We’ll create tailored solutions for you that deliver a step-change in performance and rapid ROI.

Our Warehouse Management Software keeps these systems optimised and effectively integrates them into your warehouse ecosystem.

Warehouse Automation Robotics

Warehouse Automation Robotics

Transform your operations using high speed and precise Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) and Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) systems.

We’ll deliver a cost effective and scalable solution for you that delivers stunning productivity and capacity benefits.

The Robot Integration layer in our next generation Warehouse Management Software will increase the flexibility of your robotic systems and ensure you continuously improve your warehouse processes.

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Physical warehouse automation systems cannot deliver their full potential without advanced warehouse execution software (WES) and warehouse control software (WCS) functionality.

Our next generation modular Warehouse Management Software has an intelligent optimisation engine that uses AI to drive real-time performance and harness valuable data.

It features:

  • Process-specific modules and functionality
  • APIs to integrate with any system, ERP or WMS
  • Simple, effective user interfaces and visualisation tools
  • Edge data analytics and business intelligence tools
  • Flexible deployment options (on-premise, in the cloud or hybrid)
  • Enterprise-grade security and support
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Warehouse automation services

You’ll need to ensure your investment in warehouse automation systems is fully realised and protected.

Our warehouse consultants and experts will support you throughout your systems’ lifecycle, using our insight, engineering and software expertise to maintain uptime and continuously improve performance.

We Provide A Range Of Consultative Services Spanning:

  • System and Process Design and Optimisation
  • Solution Implementation and Project Management
  • Software Support and Custom Development
  • Engineering and Servicing
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