Helping e-tailers overcome online marketplace order fulfilment challenges

Breathe Launches Order Fulfilment Software

Overcome online marketplace fulfilment challenges! Enabling faster and more efficient order fulfilment, Breathe Fulfil also supports users in meeting rising consumer expectations around deliveries and returns. 

We have launched an order fulfilment software to help e-tailers meet both stringent online marketplace requirements and their own direct customer demand. Designed to streamline processes from initial order through to delivery, Breathe Fulfil helps e-tailers to increase throughput and meet expectations across data flow, documentation, packaging, and carrier management.

Product Features

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Avoid marketplace breaches

Online marketplaces now account for the largest share of online purchases worldwide, according to Statista, with Amazon leading the global ranking of online retail sites. Breathe Fulfil is ideal for companies that want to access marketplace selling or take their growth to the next stage, helping them to meet the necessary performance metrics and documentary requirements to sell via these channels, avoiding fines and account suspensions. One early adopter has reported a 200% increase in Amazon vendor productivity.

While marketplace selling can be a huge opportunity for e-tailers, it can also pose challenges, and we want to help as many as possible use these platforms to their advantage, and to avoid debilitating fines and suspensions. With strong experience across both physical and software automation, we take a holistic view of the warehouse to support the growth journeys of e-commerce retailers. As a flexible software solution, Breathe Fulfil will allow our clients to feel the benefits in their warehouses exactly where it’s needed, giving them the ability to enhance existing systems, while helping them to boost operational efficiencies and grow with minimal risk.”

Claire Umney, Managing Director

Breathe Fulfil integrates with marketplaces, physical automation systems, WMS, and internal business systems. It enables e-tailers to manage complex marketplace shipping label and documentation requirements through its design software to ensure orders are fulfilled on time, regardless of source. It also ensures orders are packaged appropriately for their destination and improves carrier selection, tracking and visibility.

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