Down the ‘bottling’ line…

Industrial sustainability has never been more prevalent than it is today. The manufacturing industry is primed to enter a new dynamic phase, driven by rapid changes in technology, packaging innovations and availability of resources.

The food and beverage industry in particular is one of the largest marketplaces and as a result, the ever-changing consumer demands pose significant challenges for the manufacturers. Plastic usage in particular has been at the top of the agenda for a while. Whilst there have been great strides taken to reduce plastic pollution, there is now a question over the environmental impacts of reusable plastic materials. From; recycling deposit schemes, the move away from single-use models, to commitments to make packaging 100% recycled, the agenda to be more sustainable is clear.

Many manufacturers, especially in the beverage sector, face pressures from customers who want more variety, smaller batches and more frequent deliveries – all the while implementing a sustainable agenda.

The key is reducing operational overheads, whilst still having the flexibility to meet seasonal demand. Beverage consumption in particular can swing 25% between low and high months, which can cause bottlenecks in production and in the distribution centre on peak production days.

Technology, holds key.

When it comes to choosing the right solution, speed, ease of use and efficiency are cornerstones to success. Look at your operation and determine package per hour rates, product type and how quickly you need to operate your system to achieve this.

Automated systems allow for greater precision and speed, ensuring your production line is as efficient as possible. Given the expanding pace of the industry is likely to continue, the adoption of innovative technology is going to be paramount in keeping up with consumer trends.

For example, picking and packing robots are an ideal solution for primary packaging tasks like bottle handling and tray loading. Their performance of repetitive tasks increase productivity, flexibility and efficiency.

There is no doubt that as the capabilities of technology continue to increase, automated solutions will ensure manufacturers look to remain as competitive as possible.

How does your business plan to stay ahead of the curve? Breathe Technologies has been delivering complex automation solutions for over 10 years, to some of the UK’s most established consumer brands.

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